Jazz up Your New Year with This Year’s Hottest (and Brightest) Color: Cyber Lime!

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As gardeners, we’re already in love with green, which makes this year’s garden color of the year so exciting! Cyber lime is on the radar this year as one the hottest colors for the garden and fashion industry and we can’t wait to dig our green thumbs into this one. Hoping to join the fun? We’ll tell you how! 

How To Go Cyber Lime Green in Florida 

When you start thinking about cyber lime, so many things from the garden pop into mind. Sliced cucumbers, limes, and hydrangeas all give off that cool, exhilarating vibe and we’re loving the fresh ideas for garden landscaping this year. Here’s how to get started working this trend into your Fort Lauderdale landscape:

Fitting with Florida’s tantalizing tropicals, cyber lime adds some serious punch to any landscape, and when it comes bright green, there’s a whole list of flowers and foliage that fit the color brief.

  • Bromeliads: With their striking rosette formation and bold cyber lime coloring, bromeliads are perfect for Fort Lauderdale gardens. These hardy plants thrive in our tropical climate, providing a low-maintenance yet visually-impactful addition to your spaces.
  • Crotons: Known for their dynamic foliage patterns and vibrant colors, cyber lime-colored crotons are a must for our gardens. Their broad leaves add a tropical flair, and they come in various cultivars, allowing you to choose the perfect shade of green to complement your outdoor aesthetic.
  • Cordyline ‘Electric Pink‘: While primarily known for its pink tones, this cordyline variety features cyber lime accents in its leaves. Ideal for adding vertical interest to your garden, this plant thrives in Fort Lauderdale’s climate and brings a touch of contemporary flair.
  • Heliconia ‘Golden Torch‘: For a bold and exotic statement, the cyber lime accents of Heliconia ‘Golden Torch’ make it a stunning addition. The upright inflorescences add a touch of the tropics, creating a striking focal point!
  • Ornamental Grasses: Consider cyber lime ornamental grasses such as golden variegated hakone grass ‘Aureola’ for adding texture and movement to your garden.

How to Add Cyber Lime Plants into an Existing Landscape: A Garden Color Playbook

If you’re looking for some interesting ways to work this bold choice into your garden this year, try these expert ideas:

  • Placement:
    • Identify focal points in your landscape, such as near entrances or in the center of flower beds.
    • Place cyber lime plants strategically to draw attention to key features.
  • Layered Borders:
    • Create layered borders with cyber lime plants like crotons or dracaenas, adding depth to flower beds.
    • Combine with existing plants to maintain a harmonious balance.
  • Container Gardens:
    • Introduce cyber lime flowers like zinnias or nicotiana in vibrant planters.
    • Place these containers strategically on patios, near seating areas, or at the entrance for a burst of color.
  • Mixed Planters:
    • Combine cyber lime plants with complementary colors such as deep purples or fiery oranges of coleus plants.
    • Experiment with textures by pairing crotons with softer foliage for visual interest.
  • Vertical Accents:
    • Incorporate cyber lime vines like ‘Neon’ pothos to climb walls, trellises, or simply hang out.
    • Use vertical elements to break up large expanses of green and add an unexpected pop of color.
  • Pathway Borders:
    • Edge pathways with low-growing cyber lime plants such as creeping Jenny.
    • Create a cohesive look by repeating cyber lime elements along the entire length of the pathway.
  • Understory Trees:
    • Plant cyber lime foliage beneath taller trees to create a vibrant understory.
    • This adds interest to shaded areas and complements the existing canopy.

What Colors Go Best with Cyber Lime?

So, what looks amazing with cyber lime?

  • Black: add some sophistication with dark foliage plants like black mondo grass, oxalis, or ‘Black Diamond’ crape myrtle.
  • Bold Blues: Infuse some dynamic energy with ‘Electric Blue’ salvia or delphiniums standing tall in contrast to cyber lime.
  • Purple: Embrace regality with purple coneflowers or the majestic blooms of purple smoke bush.
  • Fuchsia: Create a lively contrast with vibrant fuchsia-colored geraniums or bougainvillea.
  • White: Make cyber lime pop with the pure blooms of white roses or white petunias.

When planning your garden this spring, have some fun with Floridas’ garden color of the year–cyber lime!  For more tips of color planning, and to shop the hottest plants in Fort Lauderdale, come see us at the garden center. No matter what your landscape palette—we’ve got a green for that!

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