True Blue Plants to Brighten Your Days

Living color garden center- True Blue Plants-lobelia flowers

Flowers and plants come in all colors of the rainbow, but true blue plants are certainly the rarest. There’s something so striking and awe-inspiring about rich, icy blue tones in nature. They create a rich, cool color palette against their bed of green foliage and mimic the sky for cohesion with nature. If you’d like to add some blue plants to your garden in Fort Lauderdale, we have seven spectacular options that should suit your fancy!

Too Blue to Be True: Gorgeous Blue Flowers to Plant Now

These cool blue plants can handle our SoFlo heat, bringing spectacular color and contrast to the landscape. Some even have blue-tinted foliage—you won’t believe your eyes! 


Also known as Lily of the Nile, this sapphire beauty has miniature lily blooms that grow in spherical clusters, creating beautiful blue orbs that float above emerald foliage. Plant these bulbs in early spring to enjoy their long-lasting blooms throughout summer. Depending on your chosen cultivar, Agapanthus can reach 1–4 feet tall at maturity. 

Living color garden center- True Blue Plants-cornflower


The true blue petals of the cornflower are so spectacular that Crayola named a crayon after them! They bloom through spring and summer, producing adorable pom-pom-shaped flowers. They hold up well to cutting, so if you like making DIY bouquets, you should definitely grow some cornflowers in your garden.


Hummingbirds and butterflies can’t resist these breezy blue perennials that dance in the wind! They’re incredibly drought and heat-tolerant, so they’re perfect for life here in SoFlo. They make excellent border plants, but they’re also popular for mixed container arrangements, as their tall, slender flowers add height and visual contrast. There are many different varieties in varying shades of blue and indigo—we find “Victoria Blue” and “Evening Attire” are the richest in color. 

Living color garden center- True Blue Plants-plumbago flowers


This South African flowering shrub has the cutest little five-petalled baby blue flowers. They almost look like cartoons! It spreads 8–10 feet wide with a height of 6–10 feet at maturity, making it an excellent plant for privacy borders. You can also plant plumbago in containers if you’d rather it stay on the small side. They’re also quite drought-tolerant, so if we’re experiencing a particularly dry summer, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping your plumbago happy! 


A go-to “spiller” plant for mixed arrangements and hanging baskets, lobelia always makes a splash with its rich ultramarine petals! They bloom profusely, bringing high-impact color and plenty of personality to the scenery. Trailing varieties are considered self-cleaning, so don’t worry—you won’t be stuck deadheading hundreds of spent blooms all summer!  

Living color garden center- True Blue Plants-Evolvulus flowers


The perfect flower for a cool-toned color palette, Evolvulus, AKA dwarf morning glory, has crystal blue flowers with silver-toned foliage. It doesn’t have climbing vines like many other morning glory varieties—instead, it has a lush, mounded form that makes it an ideal border plant for garden pathways and edges. Evolvulus is self-cleaning, drought-tolerant, and thrives in full sun and super hot temperatures, so it’s a fantastic, low-maintenance option for Fort Lauderdale.

Blue Felicia Daisy

As if regular white daisies weren’t adorable enough already, the Blue Felicia daisy is on a whole other level! Their bright yellow centers look like little bursts of sunshine in a clear blue sky. This carefree, whimsical flower never fails to put a smile on our faces. It grows in a mounded form with blooms sticking out in all directions. It’s charming in container arrangements with a contrasting spiller plant all around the border. 

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