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Living color garden center-Fort Lauderdale-Why Crop Rotation is Important-planting herbs in garden

Why Crop Rotation Is Essential for a Healthy Garden

September 19, 2022 |

You may have heard of crop rotation for farmers’ fields, but it works for your garden too! For starters, it’s a natural pest and disease prevention method.

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Living Color Garden Center-How to Plant and Store Flower Bulbs in South Florida- fall bulbs

How to Store and Plant Bulbs in South Florida

September 12, 2022 |

Planting spring-flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils in the south is easier than you think. Discover the secret to growing them here in the Florida heat!

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Living color garden center-Fort Lauderdale-Companion Planting-lettuce companion planting with marigolds

Better Together: Your Guide to Companion Planting

September 5, 2022 |

Companion planting is all about pairing plants strategically to get bigger, tastier fruits and vegetables, larger yields, healthier soil, and so much more.

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Amazing Alocasias: How to Plant and Care for Elephant Ears

August 29, 2022 |

As their name suggests, elephant ears give your garden the feeling of an exotic escape. Check out these tips for how to plant and care for alocasia outdoors!

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Living color garden center-Fort Lauderdale-Understanding the Classic Green Tomato-green tomato on vine

The Green Tomato Guide: A Southern Specialty

August 22, 2022 |

Understanding the classic green tomato, how it differs from unripe regular tomato varieties, how to grow them, and recipes that accent their special flavor!

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Living color garden center-Plants and Skin Care-natural and organic items for skin care

Mother Nature’s Beauty Routine: DIY Organic Plant-Based Skin Care

August 15, 2022 |

Lovers of clean, plant-based skin care may be surprised to know that many of the active ingredients in your favorite formulas can be found in your home garden!

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Living-color-garden-center-Growing-Hibiscus-in-Fort-Lauderdale-pink and yellow hibiscus bloom

Hibiscus Care: How to Help These Perennials Thrive in Southern Florida

August 8, 2022 |

From red to pink to lavender, and more, hibiscus flowers are the definition of ‘living color.’ Here’s how to grow hibiscus, plus another way to drink in all that beauty!

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Living color garden center--How to Grow and Care for Okra in Fort Lauderdale-okra growing in garden

The Best Practices for Growing Okra in Southern Florida

August 1, 2022 |

It’s almost time to start planting okra! With these best practices, you’ll be extra prepared for a successful harvest. To start, soak your seeds to germinate evenly.

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Living color garden center--How To Grow and Train Monsteras in Florida-monstera deliciosa

Monstera Care: Everything You Need To Know

July 25, 2022 |

Keep your monstera happy and healthy with confidence! These tips will help you determine if your plant is thriving and teach you how to train them to climb.

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Living color garden center- Water Conservation Tips for Florida-sprinklers on grass

How to Reduce Water Usage in Your Garden

July 18, 2022 |

Cut back on watering and time spent watering with these tips on water conservation, including hydrozoning, mulch, and watering based on soil moisture rather than time.

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