Winter Garden Blooms: Flowers to Plant Now in Florida

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What flowers bloom in winter in Florida? The list is longer than you might think! Since we’ve got such a sunny climate in Fort Lauderdale, many popular flowers considered summer annuals in the Northern United States are perfectly suited to winters down South. Fill your garden with these colorful blooms to brighten up the holiday season!

Plant These Flowers For Vivid Blooms That Last All Winter

There will never be a shortage of color in your garden if you plant these winter-blooming beauties. They’re spectacular in mixed container gardens to brighten up the patio or colorful garden beds and borders in the landscape. 


The voluminous blooms of this trailing annual flower look so incredible in hanging baskets and window boxes—the red and white varieties are so festive for winter! The best part is, they’re super low-maintenance. Even a total newbie can keep their petunias blooming brightly all season! Water your petunias regularly and make sure they get plenty of sunshine, and they’ll keep producing their long, trailing vines packed with ultra-vivid blooms, with no deadheading required. 

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You might be surprised to hear that these popular cool-season annuals are actually edible! Not only do they beautify our gardens with bursts of rainbow color, but they’re also great for adding that special touch to cocktails, cakes, and fancy salads. What a perfect plant to have on hand during the holiday season, with all the family dinners and evening entertaining lined up! There are so many exciting pansy color combos, but we think the deep burgundy varieties are best for the holidays. 


It isn’t common to encounter such a rich shade of true blue in the world of flowers, but Lobelia blooms always deliver on incredible icy blue winter color. It has a trailing habit, so it’s ideal for hanging baskets and the borders of container gardens. Lobelia spreads out quite a bit, making it terrific in rock gardens too. 

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There are so many fabulous varieties of snapdragons in dazzling candy colors! Choose from cherry red, bubblegum pink, lemon drop, tangerine, grape soda, and even multicolored ombré blooms to liven up your landscape all winter long. Snapdragons are lovely in cut bouquets as well; snip off a few and pop them in a vase to decorate your holiday table.

Ornamental Kale

Who knew a vegetable could be so stunningly beautiful? Mesmerizing swirls of purple and teal foliage make this ornamental Brassica a continual favorite for winter gardens in Fort Lauderdale. They’re fabulous filler plants for mixed arrangements—just remember to water them regularly and avoid letting their soil dry out.

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Also known as “Pinks,” these fragrant annuals fill your garden with a delightfully sweet aroma. Available in every shade of pink imaginable, they are adorable flowers that bring a whimsical, feminine flair to your winter garden. Their fringed petals bring fantastic texture and dimension to the landscape, so they’re sure to be a standout. 


Red geraniums are one of our favorite winter blooms for the holiday season, and their fragrant flowers are so charming and versatile. From garden beds to hanging baskets and window boxes, red geraniums will bring fabulously festive winter color that looks amazing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, all the way through until Valentine’s Day! 

Eager to learn more about what flowers bloom in winter in Florida? There are plenty more that we couldn’t possibly fit all into one list. To see more flowers that bloom in winter in Fort Lauderdale, visit us at Living Color Garden Center soon to see everything available for the holiday season. 

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