Tropicals: Nature’s Air Purifiers


You’re probably spending more time than ever indoors lately­—so you might as well make your home a plant-filled oasis! Surrounding yourself with plants is said to reduce stress, help you focus, and even help you fall asleep.

Tropical plants not only look amazing, but they’re also great air purifiers that absorb toxins released by everyday items in your home, like carpet, paint, and treated wood. These toxins aren’t harmful to these plants, though—in fact, they provide a source of ‘fuel’ for the tropical greenery in our home.

Air Purifying Tropical Plants for Your Home

Here are some of our favorite air-purifying tropicals. To help you breathe a little better, place two houseplants in your home for every 100 square feet of floor space. We’ve selected plants that vary in size and foliage to keep your at-home oasis interesting!

Aglaonema: These low-maintenance plants, also called Chinese Evergreens, come in a number of varieties, including ones that have pink and green variegation on their thick, leathery leaves. Place one on your home office desk to make the space feel a bit more put together, even if it’s a makeshift desk space while you temporarily work from home. These plants require low light, moderate watering, and should be kept away from pets.


Anthurium: Make a bold statement in your space with this tropical evergreen that thrives in bright, indirect light. Commonly called Flamingo Lily, it has vibrant and glossy red, pink, or white flowers, depending on the variety. This is one of those plants that will have guests guessing if it’s real or artificial—that’s just how remarkable it looks! Keep your Flamingo Lily a safe distance from pets.


Golden Pothos: This plant is excellent for busy parents and professionals since it requires very little maintenance. The plant is so easy to grow, it has earned the name “Devil’s Ivy” because it’s famously hard to kill! Put it in a hanging basket to fully display its trailing vines. As great as Golden Pothos is, keep in mind that it should be kept high up and away from kids and pets.  

Rhapis: Add a touch of elegance to your space with this palm tree, commonly called Lady Palm. Though they are relatively slow-growing, they can reach up to 10 feet tall. They require very little maintenance and little pruning, leaving you more time to enjoy your indoor tropical paradise.

Queen Kimberly Fern: This fern adds lush texture to your home. Besides being incredibly effective at removing toxins from the air, they are also incredibly easy to maintain! With its narrow, vertical fronds, it is more compact than other ferns.


Snake Plant: This is one of those plants that you can practically forget about, and it will still thrive. However, this statement plant is pretty hard to ignore, with its long, deep green leaves that reach for the sky. Snake plants are mildly toxic to pets.

We’re all trying to make the most of being stuck indoors, and there’s no better way than to add a jungle of beautiful plants to our homes. Choose plants, like these tropicals, that allow you to bring the outdoors in—including all the fresh air!

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