The 6 Best Plants for Your Office

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A day at the office can feel a little bleak after 8 hours underneath that flickering fluorescent light, but adding some office plants into your space can make a world of a difference. Not only are plants great for livening up a space, but many of them can actually purify the air! In this digital age where we’re so accustomed to being hopped up on coffee, surrounded by electronic screens and the click-clacking of keyboards, surrounding yourself with gorgeous office plants can totally transform your environment and lift your spirits. Here are the 6 best plants to help make your Fort Lauderdale office feel a little bit fresher.

The Best Office Plants of All Time

ZZ Plant: We doubt there are any office plants out there that are easier to care for than the ZZ plant. This ultra low-maintenance plant thrives in little-to-no sunlight, so even if your office is totally windowless, the ZZ plant will still keep on keepin’ on. As for watering, the bare minimum is pretty much ideal! One deep watering every 1-2 months should suffice, because the ZZ plant’s root system develops thick rhizomes that store tons of water. Too much moisture in the soil will just end up causing it to rot, so water infrequently, but thoroughly.

Succulents: While succulents aren’t necessarily low-maintenance and still require a bit of sunlight, they still make fabulous office plants, because let’s face it—they’re some of the most trendy and stylish plants around. The spiralling foliage of the echeveria, or the peculiarly plump tendrils of the burro’s tail will add some visual interest and personality to your office. Or, opt for the jade plant, which is considered throughout Asia to be a good luck charm that brings wealth and prosperity—and who doesn’t want a little more of that? There’s no shortage of bright sunlight here in Fort Lauderdale, so placing your succulent somewhere close-ish to your office window should be just fine. Water your succulents sparingly whenever you notice the soil has dried out, but don’t overdo it, because they’ll quickly take a turn for the worse if overwatered.

Spider Plant: This stringy, striped plant is one of the most effective air purifiers around, filtering out toxins, pollutants, and even dust from your office air. Plus, it barely needs any sunlight, and it won’t be fazed if you forget about it for a few weeks. One of the coolest things about the spider plant is its ability to reproduce—they’re always sprouting tiny “spider babies,” which you can pluck off and grow into a whole new plant. Pop those little plants into some small pots and pass them out to your coworkers, so everyone can have their own office plants to enjoy at their desk. They also look pretty cute as hanging office plants, so it might be worth asking Judy in HR to make some sweet macramé hangers!

Lemon Balm: This culinary herb may seem like an odd addition to our list of the best indoor office plants, but one whiff of this delightfully aromatic plant will make it an obvious choice. The zesty citrus fragrance wakes up the mind and will give you that extra zip you need to get through the 3:00 pm, post-lunch brain fog. Overall, it’s a pretty tough plant and will grow well under fluorescent lighting or a bit of sun from the window, but you should definitely water it regularly. Luckily, it will give you some obvious hints whenever it gets too thirsty, so if you notice your lemon balm looking a little limp and tired, give it a splash of water and it’ll be back to its perky self in no time.

African Violet: The fuzzy, velvety leaves and rich purple flowers of these much-loved office plants are undeniably cute—if you’re allergic to cats, this might just be the next best thing. Too much direct sunlight may cause the leaves to get a bit fried, and zero sunlight will result in zero blooms, so try to find that sweet spot in the office where there’s a bit of indirect light coming in from a window. Spin it around every once in a while to make sure all sides of the plant are exposed to the light. They like regular watering, so every time the soil dries out, water it generously, but try to water directly into the soil, avoiding the leaves. A sprinkle of fertilizer every once in a while will help to keep the blooms coming.

Peace Lily: Don’t be fooled by the sleek, dainty elegance of these flowering office plants—they are total air-purifying powerhouses! Seriously, NASA brings them on their space explorations to keep things fresh inside the space shuttle. The fact that they can live in a cramped space station in orbit is a pretty clear indication that they don’t need much sunlight, so they’re pretty much the best cubicle plants around. Opt for a smaller one in a 4-6” pot for your desk, or grab a bigger one as a decorative accent for the staff lounge. Just make sure you water it lots, or else its creamy white blossoms will start to get brown, dry tips. For a little extra moisture, put the pot on top of a tray full of pebbles and water.

If you find yourself getting squirrely from being in the confines of your office each day, and you start to crave a little fresh air and time out in nature, why not bring that fresh air and nature right into your workplace with some new office plants? Stop by our garden center in Fort Lauderdale, and find one (or six) fabulous new office plants to bring with you to work. Your coworkers will be glad you did!

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