Mom and the Garden

mom and the garden

Many of our earliest memories and experiences in the garden were spent alongside Mom, as she toiled away in the soil, tending to seedlings. Moms taught us to treat these small forms of life with all the gentleness and respect we would give any other little creature. We learned to enjoy the simple satisfaction of a fragrant flower, a juicy cherry tomato, and the feeling of cool soil between our fingers and toes. These early garden lessons stayed with us as we grew up, and there will always be a warm fondness when thinking back on afternoons spent with Mom in the garden.


As Mother’s Day approaches, we can reflect on these happy times and present Mom with something meaningful that shows much we appreciate her unconditional love. However, it can be difficult to select a gift that conveys all the gratitude we want to show her, since a lifetime of care and sacrifice far outweighs a simple bracelet or trinket. That’s why flowers, plants, and all things garden-related remain popular gift ideas for Mom. They act as symbols of vitality, growth, and tender caring— an accurate reflection of everything moms provide us. If you’re still deciding what to get Mom this year for her special day, take a look at our list of favorite Mother’s Day flowers.

Mother's Day gift roses

Mother’s Day Flowers

Whether you’re looking for something sweet and traditional to honor Mom on Mother’s Day, or something colorful and fun to brighten up her day, these top picks make fabulous plants for mom:

Roses: Instead of opting for the traditional florist’s bouquet that only lasts a week or two, why not pick up a gorgeous rose bush that will provide Mom with loads of blooms all summer long? Of course, roses are one of the most iconic symbols of love that we can gift to another person, but the fun is in the symbolism of each different color! Red roses, naturally, are the ultimate symbol of love and affection, making them a lovely gift for a romantic partner who is celebrating Mother’s Day, but purple roses are also quite appropriate, as they symbolize love at first sight. Pink roses, on the other hand, represent beauty, grace and admiration, so they make a perfect gift to give to one’s own mother. Yellow roses represent friendship, happiness, and new beginnings, so if you have a close friend who recently became a new mother, a gift of yellow roses would be a very sweet gesture.

Orchids: These exotic blooms make for really elegant and sophisticated house plants, and they act as a symbol of love, beauty and strength. If you’re shopping for a Mom who has a preference for sleek, ultra-modern design and furnishings, an orchid plant will complement her home beautifully. They require a growing medium with excellent drainage, so they’re often potted in different mixes of bark, moss, or sand. They do require some sun exposure, but too much direct sunlight in the early afternoon could end up roasting the leaves, so try to find a spot with dappled or indirect sunlight. 

Anthuriums: Also known as the Flamingo Flower, these glossy, vibrant flowering plants have tons of attitude. If your Mom is a bit of a character and loves all things bright and exciting, she’ll adore an anthurium for the garden or in a decorative container. They’re most commonly available in red, but pink and white varieties are also quite popular. With their single, open heart-shaped petal, they act as a symbol of hospitality— perfect for the Mom who is always entertaining! They do particularly well when a layer of mulch is applied to the soil, so pick up some shredded bark to help insulate that top layer of soil.

Azaleas: This timelessly beautiful flower is a classic staple in Florida gardens. With so many vivid varieties in all different shades of tropical sunset colors, the bold azalea blossom brings light, warmth and femininity to a lush backyard landscape. In fact— the azalea is a traditional symbol of femininity, and acts as a reminder to take care of yourself. So, if you have a Supermom in your life who is always looking after everyone else, give her an azalea as a reminder that she deserves a little self-care. Whether you want a smaller, more compact plant, or something large and sprawling that will really bring some wow-factor to Mom’s garden, the azalea comes in so many shapes and sizes, so your options are pretty open.

succulent planter mother's day gift

Gardening Gifts for Mom

It may seem like a daunting task, selecting a gift that properly honors your mom’s efforts and sacrifices in providing you with all the love and lessons throughout your life, but flowers and gardening gifts are a perfect reflection of all the meaning and love associated with this day. If you want to stray away from tradition and get something different for mom, here’s some inspiration for non-bouquet botanical gifts for garden lovers:

  • Other Garden Gifts She’ll Love: If you’re looking to add something special to Mom’s garden for Mother’s Day, why stop at just plants? We have lovely sets of windchimes that add a serene ambience to the backyard, statues and wall décor to add a little drama and artistic influence, and fabulous pottery for all her container plants and herb gardens.  
  • Succulent Planters: These trendy plants are fabulous gifts for the modern mom with tons of style. There are so many interesting ways you can display succulents — in a vintage birdcage, wall-mounted frame, or even a hanging glass terrarium — so find something eye-catching and beautiful, or easily assemble one yourself, for a fun gift that’s extra special.
  • Gift Cards: Some moms are pretty particular about their tastes, and it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly what they’ll like. Luckily, you can never go wrong with a gift card (perhaps attached to a bouquet for a little more sentimental value). This way, Mom can fill her garden with gorgeous blooms and greenery to enjoy all summer long.


Don’t sweat trying to think of an elaborate gift to assemble for Mother’s Day. The simple sweetness of flowers always sends the perfect message. Visit Living Color to see even more beautiful botanical gifts that Mom will love. You can also look ahead to Father’s Day with our companion blog on garden recipes for dad!   

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