Gift Ideas for Your Whole List


It’s no surprise that 2020 has been full of overwhelming feelings. Coming up with holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list shouldn’t add to the stress! This gift guide will help you finish your holiday shopping so that you have more time to relax and enjoy the coziness of the season.


Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or expert gardener, they are sure to appreciate any plant-related gifts!

As you can probably imagine, houseplants will be on this list a few times—they just make such great gifts—and ones that last well beyond the holiday season! If you’re shopping for a gardener, give them something funky like a Moon Cactus. These bicolored cacti are actually two separate plants that have been grafted together, a fascinating fact that gardeners will appreciate!

Fun planters or garden tools also make great gifts. For more experienced gardeners, give a handy multi-purpose tool like a garden knife. For beginners, any of the basic tools, like a trowel and pruning shears, will come in handy.


Put a herb plant in a pretty decorative pot with drainage holes, and write out your favorite recipe using that herb to give your giftee some culinary inspiration! 

If you have any wanna-be gardeners in your life or know someone who would appreciate the easiness of a ready-to-grow container garden, then the Vegepod is a great option! These units, which are also perfect for those tight on space, are self-watering and portable. Plus, the protective cover protects crops from pests and UV damage and helps to manage temperature.

And any gardener could always use another garden stake or two! We also have gorgeous metal balancers at our garden center.  


Gift Ideas for Birdwatchers

To help the birdwatchers in your life do what they love best, treat them to a birdbath for their yard. Birdbaths are both functional and beautiful; they give the birds a place to get a drink and to clean themselves, plus they come in many beautiful designs that make stunning additions to any garden! 

Bird feeders, whether you choose one for hummingbirds or for the many other birds that spend time in Fort Lauderdale, will also be treasured by bird lovers. You can also help hummingbirds find their way to your birdwatcher friend’s yard by gifting a container and some Coral Honeysuckle or Salvia seeds. That way, they can start a pollinator-friendly garden, one that will specifically attract their favorite avian friend! 


Gift Ideas for Students

Staring at a computer all day can be exhausting, and students may overlook the importance of taking breaks. Give them an air-purifying plant like a Spider Plant, which can survive in low-light areas. Having a plant to care for—checking the soil to see if it’s time to water it, inspecting the leaves for signs of distress—will remind the student to take mindful breaks during their day!

Another great gift idea for students is to bundle up everything needed to make a terrarium. While you could put it together yourself, give them the materials to do it themselves, adding their own personal touch. To make a terrarium, you’ll need a glass container, plants suitable for terrariums, stones, potting mix, and moss. 


Gift Ideas for Teachers

You guessed it—we recommend a houseplant or two for the teachers on your list! Succulents, cacti, and ZZ Plants are low-maintenance plants, so the busy teacher in your life can still appreciate the beautiful plant while not having to spend much time caring for it. You could also buy herb gardening supplies to give to a teacher. Put a herb plant in a pretty decorative pot with drainage holes, and write out your favorite recipe using that herb to give your giftee some culinary inspiration!


Gift Ideas for Your Office Gift Exchange

With so many sunny days in a year in Fort Lauderdale, it’s no wonder people spend so much time outdoors. Grab some garden art for your office gift exchange so people can decorate one of their favorite spots in the world—their own backyard! We carry a variety of art, like windchimes, stoneware, and ornate statuettes. Stop by to see what we have in store, and you’re sure to find something perfectly suited for your work gift exchange!

Houseplants that can survive in low-light conditions and that purify the air are also great ideas for coworkers. For example, the Peace Lily is an exquisite plant with glossy green foliage and creamy white flowers. 


Gift Ideas for the Home Decorator

Flip through any home decor magazine, and you’ll probably see a Snake Plant or two. That’s because they are just so stylish, and any home decorator will appreciate their beauty! Snake Plants basically thrive on neglect and can grow in low-light areas, so they can liven up spots in a home where other plants can’t survive. 

The home decorator on your list would also love a decorative planter that complements their style, whether they love modern industrial decor or something more old-fashioned and rustic. 

And home design doesn’t end at the front door! Rain chains, wind chimes, garden art like art poles, water features like fountains and bird baths, or bold tropical plants all make beautiful additions to outdoor areas. 

Gift-giving should be fun, not stressful! Visit Living Color to complete your holiday shopping in one stop. 

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