How to Plant a Herb Wheel Garden

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Herb wheels are a hot trend in edible gardening, and they couldn’t be more perfect for Fort Lauderdale gardens! Raised-bed-friendly, easy to grow, and oh-so-practical for lovers of fresh herbs, this gardening project is just as fun to build as it is to use. Here’s how to make a herb wheel garden, plus tips on how to make this trend your own!

What Is a Herb Wheel Garden?

A herb wheel garden is a fun diversity gardening concept that involves planting herbs together in a pie-shaped formation, with each type of herb occupying one “slice” of the pie. It is a visually appealing and practical way to grow your herbs, and it’s straightforward to make!

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Choosing a Planter for Your Herb Wheel Garden

While there are specific herb wheel planters that you can purchase, a herb wheel garden is very simple to DIY using a hexagonal or circular bordered or raised bed. Then, fill it with soil and divide the surface area by how many herbs you want to grow—most gardeners go with eight. 

Planting Your Herb Wheel Garden

Once you’ve decided on the herbs you want to grow, start dividing the surface area of the planter or bed. If you’re using herbs with a spreading habit, like creeping thyme, a physical barrier can help keep the neat wheel shape intact. You can use slim untreated wood planks, inexpensive plastic garden edging, or even repurpose old cutting boards. Alternatively, you can divide the bed by taping pieces of string to opposite sides of the bed and pulling them taut, using a garden spade to mark your slices and planting carefully within them.

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While planting, plant herbs with similar care needs adjacent to each other; for example, thyme, sage, and rosemary grow very well together. For fast-spreading herbs such as mint, try planting your herbs in a container that you bury in the planter so that the roots are contained and don’t overtake your other plants. 

Caring for Your Herb Wheel Plants

While herbs are some of the simplest edibles to grow, all herb gardeners must be mindful of bolting; this is when the plant shoots up a flowering stalk to reproduce. It’s normal for the plant but will change the flavor of your crops. Some herbs, like cilantro, bolt very quickly—especially in the Florida heat! 

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While doing your daily watering or visiting your wheel to borrow some herb leaves, give your garden a good inspection to check for plants that show signs of bolting. Look for leaves with different textures or the formation of flower buds, and cut the stem back to the next lowest node. Preventing herbs from bolting will promote bushier growth, better-tasting herbs, and a more attractive effect.

Styling Ideas for Herb Wheel Gardens

Herb wheel gardens are naturally eye-catching thanks to their interesting formations. However, it’s also really easy to have fun with your herb wheel’s design! Here are a few ways to personalize your herb wheel garden:

  • Install a birdbath into the center of the wheel
  • Place a floral container arrangement into the center of the wheel. We especially love butterfly-favored flowers for this!
  • Divide sections with lines of decorative stones to contain spread in an ornamental way.
  • Nestle a statement-making statue into the center of the herb wheel to add a little height and a lot of charm.
  • Add garden art to the slices to add extra color and personality. We love the look of eclectic garden decor peeking out from the herbs.
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  • Use beautiful plant markers to indicate which herb varieties you’re growing—markers made from antique silverware or hand-painted wood make unique and personal touches.
  • Plant some flowers in thin rows to mark the slices or around the bed’s perimeter.

Ready to start your very own herb wheel garden in Fort Lauderdale? Take a spin over to Living Color Garden Center to find all the supplies you’ll need!

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