Classy & Timeless Garden Decoration Ideas We Love

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Regardless of your yard and garden size, it’s always fun to add a little extra something outside of all of the gorgeous flowers you are growing. Decorations like fountains, ornaments, statuary, and windchimes can add depth and whimsy to your garden. With that said, garden decoration items like these still need to be purchased and placed strategically to avoid having it all feel like “too much.” Here are a few fun, classy and timeless ways to liven up your outdoor spaces! 

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Make a Statement with Statuary

Statues are one of those garden decoration items that need to be selected and placed well to make a statement in the garden. If you’re out shopping for garden statues, keep the size of your yard and garden in mind! Themes or colors that you enjoy are important to note as well. For example, a rock sculpture or Buddha statue would be perfect for a Zen garden, whereas tropical-themed items will give off a bit more of a beach vibe. 

Whatever the theme might be, the size of the sculpture will make all the difference. If you have a relatively small yard, try not to choose a big piece that will take up a considerable amount of space because it’s just going to make your yard feel smaller than it is. You’re better off selecting dainty accent pieces. If you have an ample, wide-open space where you would like to create a focal point, a large statement statue would be perfect.

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Fun With Fountains

Size, weight, and shape are important factors to consider before investing in a fountain. Consider whether you would like to have a fountain as a focal point or an accent feature, then plan out where you want to put it. If there is a corner in your yard that you think would be the perfect spot, be sure to measure the space before you head out shopping. 

Just like with statues, think about the overall design and theme you hope to achieve in your outdoor space by introducing a fountain. Noise levels are also worth considering: are you hoping to add ambiance or drown out other exterior sounds?

-living color garden center wind chimes wooden

Wonder & Whimsy with Wind Chimes

Wind chimes come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Many feel that they are a popular porch decoration that creates a more relaxing vibe and positive energy to an outdoor space

Metal wind chimes are much-loved for their durability and the ability to tune them to specific notes and tones. You can even find metal wind chimes that play your favorite song! They’re waterproof, long-lasting, and rust-resistant. Alternative options include bamboo, ceramic, glass, and seashell wind chimes, though glass and seashells are more for decorative value than beautiful sounds.

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Turn Up the Twinkle

You would be surprised what a few strings of twinkly lights can do to brighten up an outdoor space! White twinkle lights are cheap and cheerful, but they can elevate a backyard patio significantly. You don’t just have to stick with the traditional light strings either. Items like hanging lanterns or solar lights placed alongside a garden pathway can turn an otherwise dark backyard into a cozy and inviting space to hang out at night. 

Decorations can add an extra dimension to your yard and garden when chosen carefully. They are a lovely way to tie together your plant choices and let your personality shine a little brighter! If you’re on the hunt for garden decorations in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to stop by Living Color to check out our extensive selection!

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