Easter Florals to Get You Hopping

Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Trending Florals for Easter-easter table decor

Easter is fast approaching here in South Florida, which means we’re busy displaying our trendiest florals to help you celebrate the magic of the spring season. Get set for a stunning South Floridian Easter with these pastel-packed plant picks and seasonal arrangement ideas! 

Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Trending Florals for Easter-easter spring planters

Spring Containers

Spring containers offer Fort Lauderdale gardeners the perfect opportunity to show off the vibrant colors and textures of the season. Here are some easy ways to make your Easter florals pop in your container gardens: 

  • Pick the perfect pots: When selecting containers for your Easter arrangements, go for unique urns, vases, ceramic pots, and rustic baskets to add a touch of spring charm.
  • Color is key: Choose containers featuring pastel colors such as pale blue, butter yellow, and mint green to complement the springtime hues of your florals!
  • Pick a star: Start your stunning spring container by selecting a focal point plant, such as a beautifully blooming hydrangea, orchid, or a majestic Easter lily.  
  • Cool complements: Surround your focal point with complementary flowers like tulips, daffodils, and pansies to add depth and visual interest to your display. 
  • Change it around: Mix some fun foliage in with your various spring blooms to create a truly eye-catching display.  
  • Fill it up: Finally, incorporate trailing vines or ornamental grasses to soften the edges of your display and create a lush, full look. We also love using succulents in our arrangements to add texture, dimension, and fun!
Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Trending Florals for Easter-easter cut flowers

Cut Flower Arrangements

Most of your favorite spring and Easter florals make great cut flowers, too! Whether you’re arranging flowers for your Easter brunch table or gifting a bouquet to a loved one, put your best green thumb forward and show off those savvy styling skills with these fresh ideas for a standout Easter display:

  • Opt for trending florals: Incorporate some of this year’s top trending florals—like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and lilies—into your Easter arrangements for a fresh and festive look. 
  • Fresh greens: Just as with your spring containers, adding a pop of greenery and filler flowers to your Easter arrangements is a simple way to enhance its overall look. 
  • Clever colors: When creating cut flower table displays, think about the palette you want to use and how it’ll work with your other table settings—like your dishes, napkins, and tablecloths. Pastel shades in soft pink, lavender, and light yellow are quintessentially Easter hues that create a lovely, harmonious springtime look. 
  • Go bold: For a more vibrant display, mix in pops of brighter colors like coral, fuchsia, or turquoise into your cut flower arrangement. 
  • Get creative: Experiment with different flower shapes and sizes to add depth and texture to your arrangement. You can also play around with height and scale by incorporating taller stems and airy filler flowers to create even more visual interest.
Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Trending Florals for Easter-easter centerpieces

Easter Table Centerpieces

The best part of decorating for Easter is dressing the table, so here’s our hand-picked centerpiece style guide for your SoFlo Easter celebrations: 

  • Get festive: Incorporate decorative elements such as eggs, bunnies, and spring-themed ornaments into your floral arrangements for an extra dose of Easter fun at the table. 
  • Try a topiary: Crafted from fresh herbs like rosemary or lavender and adorned with miniature spring blooms, these vibrant creations bring a sense of refinement and natural beauty to your holiday spread. 
  • Play with perspective: When designing your Easter table centerpiece, think about the size and shape of your table and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. For a long, rectangular table, consider a linear arrangement that stretches down the length of the middle. Alternatively, a more compact, circular arrangement works beautifully as the focal point on a round or square table. 
  • Add finishing touches: Incorporate seasonal elements like blooming forsythia branches, fresh greenery, and fragrant flowers to create a centerpiece that reflects the essence of spring. 

As you get set for Easter weekend and the spectacular spring season ahead, remember to embrace the spring flower trends that are blooming here in South Florida. From stunning spring containers to captivating cut flower arrangements and charming Easter table centerpieces, there are endless opportunities to showcase your creativity and style. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering or simply brightening up your home, let the beauty of this year’s trending Easter florals inspire your creativity and decor. 

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