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Finding Zen in the Garden

February 19, 2024 |

Creating a Zen-filled garden is easier than you may think, thanks to these expert tips and tricks! Discover our full guide (and your inner peace) right here!

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Edimental Gardening-assorted herbs

Your Guide to “Edimental” Gardening in South Florida

February 5, 2024 |

Explore the many wonders of edimental gardening, blending beauty and flavor to create a multisensory oasis in your South Florida backyard.

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How to Grow Microgreens Indoors: A Guide to Good Health

January 22, 2024 |

Learn how to grow microgreens indoors and boost your health with our step-by-step guide.

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Cyber Lime Colored Garden-hakone grass

Jazz up Your New Year with This Year’s Hottest (and Brightest) Color: Cyber Lime!

December 26, 2023 |

Discover the vibrant allure of cyber lime, the garden color of the year, transforming gardens in Florida. Embrace the tropical revolution!

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Holiday Decorating-palm tree decor

Holiday Celebrations with Some Serious South Florida Sass

December 11, 2023 |

Discover the ultimate holiday decor guide for a sassy Florida celebration. Dive into beachy vibes, baby blues, and more!

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Holiday Gift Guide 2023-assorted gifts

Our 2023 Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide for Green Thumbs

November 28, 2023 |

Discover unique gift ideas to dazzle the green thumbs on your list and enhance their outdoor oasis in our ultimate holiday gift guide for Florida gardeners.

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Rainwater Harvesting Ideas for South Florida

November 14, 2023 |

Discover sustainable rainwater harvesting solutions for dry spells. Learn the art of rainwater harvesting and its benefits in South Florida.

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-sensuous gardening-plumeria plant

The Sensuous Garden: Using Fragrant Tropical Plants

August 28, 2023 |

If gardenia is good enough for perfume, it’s perfect for a sensual garden! Here are the fragrant tropical plants you’ll want in your sensuous backyard paradise.

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-Fountains in the Garden-

Eternal Springs: A Guide to Garden Fountains

August 14, 2023 |

Did you know a water fountain can help to cool off your garden’s air? Here’s why you need to add a water feature to your South Florida landscape this summer!

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Living Color Garden Center-Fort Lauderdale-Florida-10 Steps To A Perfect Tomato Harvest-grape tomatoes

10 Steps To A Perfect Tomato Harvest

July 31, 2023 |

Regular watering is key for extra juicy tomatoes, but there are nine other gardening secrets that will ensure your harvest goes off without a hitch this fall!

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