Succulents for South Florida: Design and Inspiration

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Succulents are excellent plants to grow in Southern Florida, as they’re low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and thrive in hot and humid weather conditions. If you’re interested in growing succulents in your Southern Florida home and are seeking the ideal succulent for a pot, terrarium, or landscape, look no further: here are five of our favorite varieties to consider, along with some design tips to help you incorporate these gorgeous plants into your space! 

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Aloe Vera is an extremely popular succulent that is incredibly easy to grow and maintain in our Southern Florida climate. The gel inside aloe vera leaves is known for its medicinal properties and is widely used for a variety of skin ailments, from treating acne to soothing sunburns. Aloe Vera succulents require minimal watering and do their best when planted in well-draining soil. They also prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Aloe succulents come in many varieties with different growth habits, but they all produce stunning blooms that easily attract pollinators, such as hummingbirds, to your garden. As far as incorporating them into your garden design, we recommend using aloe to create a stunning hedge or bank element. They also look gorgeous when planted in patio pots or intermittently throughout your garden.


Agave is another popular succulent variety that is well-suited to Southern Florida. It has thick, fleshy leaves in various shades ranging from green to blue-green and can grow up to six feet tall.

Much like other succulents, agave conveniently requires minimal watering and well-draining soil. These plants are so structural that they lend themselves well to nearly any kind of garden design, offering cool tones and vertical lines.


Crown of Thorns are beautiful and unique succulents that produce vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, and yellow. These succulents are native to Madagascar and do well in Fort Lauderdale’s hot, humid climate. Crown of thorns plants prefer minimal watering, well-draining soil, and full sun or partial shade. These beauties work amazingly as the centerpiece of succulent pot designs but can also easily become the crown jewels of your landscape, especially if you surround them with pebbles, low-growing succulents, and other groundcovers. 

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Snake plants, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, are sturdy, low-maintenance succulents (yes, succulents!) that feature strikingly tall yellow or white-striped leaves. Like many of the other succulents on this list, snake plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil and can go for long periods without water. In fact, these hardy plants will hardly need any care once they’re established! While they’re often grown as indoor plants, these succulents absolutely adore our South Florida climate, making them excellent additions to your outdoor landscape, especially if you’re trying to add a bit of tropical flair! 

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Jade Plants are beautiful succulents known for their vibrant green leaves and ability to grow into small trees. It is a slow-growing plant and can take several years to reach its full height. If you’re feeling adventurous and creative, jade plants are also perfect for bonsai! You can grow your jade plant in a shallow pot and use wire and delicate pruning to train your succulent into whatever shape you’d like. The jade plant grows best when supplied with bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil. It is also incredibly drought-tolerant and can go for long periods without water. 

If you’re looking for some more beautiful, low-maintenance design options for your landscape this spring, look no further than Living Color Garden Center. Stop by and visit us today, and we’ll help you turn your Fort Lauderdale backyard into a beautiful and thriving succulent garden that will be the talk of your neighborhood this spring!

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