Give These Easy-Care Houseplant Gifts This Holiday Season

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Bouquets of flowers are lovely and all, but if you’d like to give a meaningful and memorable holiday gift, houseplants have a lot more staying power. Easy-care houseplants make the best holiday gift ideas—even folks with sub-par plant care skills can keep them alive! Plus, you can get creative with how you wrap them up and present them.

Here are our favorite houseplants to give as gifts, plus some inspiration for how to give them some holiday flair! 

The Best Easy-Care Indoor Plants to Give as Holiday Gifts 

Give the gift of greenery this winter season! These indoor plants are beautiful, trendy, and have simple care requirements, so they make fabulous holiday gifts. 

Snow Queen Pothos

White variegated plants are so stylish and popular—the multi-tonal leaves are striking and have so much dimension. The Snow Queen pothos is undoubtedly an appropriate choice for the winter season, and she couldn’t be easier to care for! Pothos can handle lower-light conditions, so if the lucky recipient of this plant doesn’t have a ton of window light in their home, this beauty will still grow well. 

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Spider Plants

We love the stringy, shaggy texture of this popular plant, with skinny blades of foliage that splay out like a fountain. They’re loved for their power to multiply—after the plants’ roots fill up its container, it starts to send off little “pups,” or mini spider plants that you can pluck off and replant into moist soil. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Heartleaf Philodendron

How about a Heartleaf philodendron for the one you love? The heart-shaped leaves of this tropical stunner emerge as a deep reddish-bronze but quickly transition to rich jade green. They’re a climbing plant, so you can train them to climb up a pretty trellis or around the borders of windows or mirrors, or let the vines trail downward off of a floating shelf or cabinets.

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Peace Lily

The peace lily has such easy care requirements, it definitely deserves a spot on this list. Its elegant, single-petal blooms encircle a large golden stamen. It’s one of the best air-purifying plants in existence, so on top of making the recipient’s home more beautiful, it will make the air cleaner too! 


Who doesn’t love succulents? These little cuties are so much fun to collect, and they look fabulous in mixed arrangements. For a holiday gift that’s more sentimental and personalized, try making your own custom succulent arrangement. There are so many cool ways to style them, like in a driftwood planter, a glass terrarium, or a wall-mounted frame. 

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Assorted Kitchen Herbs

Culinary herbs are a joy to grow both indoors and out because you can use them in so many fabulous recipes! Pick an assortment of easy-care herbs and print out some recipes to accompany them. For example, try four little containers of rosemary, parsley, sage, and thyme, and attach a recipe card for how to make the perfect Christmas turkey rub. Alternatively, you could gift one large herb plant and add in a recipe to make a herb-infused simple syrup to enjoy in cocktails and holiday baking. 

How to Style Your Holiday Houseplant Gifts

Wrapping holiday gifts is one of our favorite winter activities, but when you’re dealing with houseplants, it can be a bit confusing. How do you wrap a houseplant as a holiday gift when they’re delicate and have a pot full of soil?

We recommend placing plant containers inside larger holiday-themed plant pottery, so the recipient can remove them once winter ends. Or, wrap the pot in burlap with twine and add a few evergreen sprigs for a rustic winter look. Wrapping the top of the plant loosely with transparent cellophane can help protect it during transport, but try not to keep it covered for more than one day, as this affects the plant’s natural transpiration process. 

Don’t forget to add a holiday tag with written care instructions! That way, the recipient will know exactly what their new plant needs. 

Living Color Garden Center has plenty of holiday gift houseplants and herbs for sale, so visit us soon to stock up on gifts for everyone on your list. Happy holidays!

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