Home Alone Houseplants: How To Water Plants While Away On Vacation

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Ever have that moment of panic as you embark on vacation and realize you forgot about your precious child—your favorite houseplant? The pang of guilt from leaving your plants without water is unpleasant, but having to hire a plant sitter is also a pain. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to water plants while away on vacation, and you’d be surprised at how easy they are!

Try These Houseplant Watering Solutions Before You Go On Holiday

Some of these solutions will water your plants while you are away, whereas others will help slow down the evaporation of moisture in the soil. That way, they stay watered for longer and won’t go thirsty as quickly. It doesn’t hurt to use a combined approach though, to ensure your plants are hydrated for longer!

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Self-Watering Pots

If you’re an avid traveler, making the switch to self-watering pots will be a total gamechanger! They contain a chamber that releases water into the soil from the bottom of the pot, and your plant’s roots will soak it up. They work well for most houseplants, but more high-maintenance varieties that need consistently moist soil won’t fare as well from bottom-up watering. We have several styles of self-watering pots in assorted colors and sizes, so they’re easy to integrate into your existing decor.  

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Water Globes

Water globes are so simple and efficient, and they’ve got the bonus feature of being totally gorgeous! These colorful blown glass orbs have long spouts that you stick directly into the soil. Fill your globe with water, press the spout into the soil, and it will water your plant while you’re away! They come in many sizes, but your extra-large houseplants might do better with two (or three) globes. 

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Move Houseplants to A Shadier Spot

Bright, warm sunshine can dry out plant soil pretty quickly. Move your plants to a spot further from the window, away from any direct sunlight beams. That way, they’ll be okay for a week or two without suffering from insufficient sunlight. Plants are used to light levels shifting from weather patterns and seasonal changes, so it won’t be a big deal. 

Use A Pebble Tray

Fill a tray up with a layer of pebbles or marbles, and then add some water. Pour just enough so the pebbles are mostly submerged but not totally covered. If you place houseplants directly on top of the pebble tray, that moisture will slowly evaporate and deliver water vapor straight to the leaves. This is especially helpful for tropical houseplants that thrive in humid climates!

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Huddle Your Houseplants Together

If your houseplants are all hanging out together in a bunch, it will create a little bubble of humidity that lingers. The soil will remain watered for longer, and the leaves will receive moisture from the air. Plus, they’ll be a little less lonely while you’re away! 

Don’t Panic—Some of Your Plants Will Be Okay On Their Own

There are many low-maintenance plants that are fine without water for a week or two—in fact; some are better off that way. Sansevierias, or snake plants, are fantastic houseplants for those with chronic wanderlust. ZZ Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Ponytail Palms, and Sago Palms are also pretty resilient to drought stress.

If you need any supplies to water your houseplants while you’re away, visit Living Color Garden Center before you leave for your trip! Don’t forget to grab a cute souvenir for your plant babies while they’re gone—we’re sure they’ll appreciate a mini sombrero or cool seashell. Bon voyage, and safe travels!

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