Water Features for a Peaceful Backyard Retreat

Living Color Garden Center - Water features for a peaceful backyard-koi pond in backyard

We’re lucky enough to live in Florida and experience its beautiful weather; of course, we want to be outside 24/7. The climate in Fort Lauderdale allows for the growth of so many gorgeous plants and flowers that you don’t have to travel to reach paradise. So why not create one right inside your backyard?

Most people associate Florida backyards with lush plant foliage, tropical palm trees, and vibrant flowers, but have you ever thought of adding a water feature to your garden? Pools are fun, but features help you relax all the stress away. It might just be the missing piece to your peaceful backyard retreat. 

Are Water Features a Good Idea?

The simple answer is, yes! If you choose to design your water feature as a focal point or as a complementary piece of your landscape, you will find that the sound of trickling water can help you relax and feel at ease. Water features mask nearby noise pollution in busy areas and attract wildlife to your garden, and they add visual interest and charm for potential homebuyers. Nothing says backyard luxury like an attractive water feature! Some are more practical and have different features, so here are a few easy-to-maintain water feature options.  

Living Color Garden Center - Water features for a peaceful backyard-water wall in garden

Waterwall: An increasingly popular trend in backyard design, water walls add a modern and refreshing look to any garden space. Depending on which material and design option you use, some of them can be very simple to put together, saving you both money and time! Another great aspect of water walls is that they do not require much floor space, so they work well for small backyard spaces.

Koi Pond: Koi ponds give the backyard a great visual appeal. Many people also believe these water features help attract good luck and strength! Watching beautiful fish swim and listening to the soothing sounds of running water, you can’t help but take the opportunity to enjoy it and de-stress. It’s best to keep the pond filled with fresh flowing water to avoid bacteria and algae build-up. Put a fountain in the center of your pond, and alter the way it bubbles to give a cascade spray! 

Bonus Tip: Use driftwood to decorate your water features! When used in planters, garden beds, or waterfalls, driftwood makes a beautiful background for flowers. In a decorative fountain or waterfall design, the curves and wearing of the water-washed wood look gorgeous. 

Living Color Garden Center - Water features for a peaceful backyard-waterfall feature_

Waterfall: Is a serene garden paradise truly complete without a waterfall? These water features are a great way of incorporating life into your backyard. Moreover, waterfalls without ponds also make stellar options for small backyard spaces. Get creative with your materials and stack concrete, rocks, and fiberglass to form a water path, and add grasses, succulents, and flowers for some color. 

Don’t know where to place your waterfall? You can try adding a waterfall near an existing area, such as your patio, by building a simple boxed addition that houses the pump. This way, you can enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water as you sip a cocktail or read a book on your back patio!

Welcoming Waterway: Water features are calming to any outdoor space—even the front yard or walkway! A waterway in your front yard is a great way to lead visitors to the front door as they pass a bubbling pool. Your lush waterway will make your guests feel relaxed the minute they step onto your property and take in a wide variety of tropical plants. 

As evident, there are plenty of advantages to including a water feature in your landscape design. Flowing water soothes the soul, attracts wildlife, boosts property value, and energizes your outdoor environment with sound and movement. In accompanying your water feature with a gorgeous shade tree like the Royal Poinciana, you will have your backyard feeling more like a paradise every day. Your backyard will be set ablaze with fiery red blooms illuminating the landscape. 

Not sure what water feature is best suited for your outdoor space? Visit us at Living Color Garden Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, today! Let’s get it flowing. 

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