The 5 Best Pottery Trends Of 2020


One of the most inventive ways to integrate art into your home and garden is with ornamental containers, and these ceramic pottery trends are getting a lot of buzz. Houseplants have become more popular than ever before, particularly among Millennials, and the art of collecting gorgeous plants and displaying them in beautiful, stylized containers is making waves across social media and design forums. Outdoor container gardening has also surged in popularity because it’s an easy way to grow your own food at home, even if you only have a small patio area!

2020 Plant Pottery Trends 

With all this newfound interest in houseplants and container gardening, it’s no surprise that new trends and styles are emerging in the pottery world, as well. Want to give your plant collection a fresh, modern makeover? These Fort Lauderdale pottery trends for 2020 are sure to give you some creative inspiration!


Uncoated Concrete

If you’re all about minimalist design and timeless neutrals, you’ll love the look of simple, concrete planters. The soft grey color is super versatile, and it’s got that industrial-chic aesthetic that’s somewhere at the crossroads of modern and vintage. 

Despite the rough outer finish, these planters are far from boring—since they’re poured into molds, they come in some pretty unique shapes! Even better, they’re nice and heavy, so if you get coastal breeze and your planters tend to get knocked over, you’ll never have that problem if you switch to concrete pots.

3D Geometric Containers

Say goodbye to the simple cylindrical containers we’ve seen year after year, and opt for something more avant-garde, Wynwood-esque. There’s something undeniably cool about these artsy, cubist containers that look like they’ve jumped off the canvas of a Picasso painting. They’re especially eye-catching when clustered together in a group, with all sorts of different shapes like prisms and pyramids.

These containers often come in uncoated concrete, but we love when they have a little hint of an accent color, like a single pink stripe around the base, or some tiny blue speckles. You may have also seen a few of those gorgeous 3D glass planters, which look like glinting prisms when hanging in the window or mounted onto the wall. 


Head Planters

We love how whimsical and creative these planters are—they kind of remind us of those old Play-Doh hair salon toy sets! Though, these containers look much more chic and worthy of display. The planters are shaped like a bust sculpture, but the top of the head is hollow to fill up with plants. Trailing plants work best because the vining leaves cascade downwards, just like a big head of hair.

Alternatively, you can use more mounded, shrubby plants or spiky, upright ornamental grasses to give your planter a different ‘do. We’ve even seen some cute animal head planters, like cats and birds, with impressive hairstyles to match!


Talavera Pottery

While this classic form of Mexican pottery has been adored for centuries, we’ve noticed an upswing in popularity lately. Who can resist those vivid colors and intricate floral motifs? If you’ve had enough of the minimalism movement and want to inject some culture, energy, and vibrancy into your decor, check out the fabulous Talavera pottery we have here at Living Color.

The great thing about Talavera is how playful the designs are—there’s so much more to choose from than just basic, round planters. We’ve got planters shaped like peacocks, owls, and even whales with big mouths you can fill up with herbs and flowers! Plus, we’ve got tons of matching statuettes that can be placed throughout the home and garden to tie it all together. 


Midnight Blue

We love looking to Pantone for color trends and style forecasting. Each year, they predict the color that will dominate trends in home decor, fashion runways, and design, and this year their pick was Midnight Blue. This deep, nearly-black shade of blue is a surprisingly versatile shade that almost acts as a neutral, while still bringing a dose of rich color and visual interest. Since the color pairs perfectly with white walls, wood surfaces, and equally-trendy macrame, it’s a fantastic shade for planters.

As far as color coordination goes, you have plenty of options. For something timeless and elegant, fill your planter with delicate white flowers. For something a little more high-impact, opt for yellows and oranges to pop against the contrasting blue. You could even create a color palette of juicy berry tones, like purples and reds, for some added drama and romance. 

Living Color has a spectacular collection of ceramic containers for your indoor and outdoor plants. If you’re interested in purchasing some new pots for your garden greenery, feel free to place an order over the phone, and we can arrange for delivery or curbside pickup. You’ll love how your new, artful arrangement of plant containers gives your living spaces a total glow-up!

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