Elevate Your Sun Tea Recipes with Homegrown Fruits and Herbs

Sun tea is basically a main food group in Florida—how on earth could we survive this heat without the ultimate thirst-quenching beverage? If you aren’t familiar with the recipe, you make it in a glass container with room temperature water and about 4–8 tea bags. Instead of boiling water (and, in turn, heating up your kitchen), leave the jar in the sun, and the sun will work its magic. When it’s ready to serve, you can add some sugar and lemon, pour it over ice and enjoy!

Sun Tea Recipes with Garden Fruit and Herbal Infusions

If you’ve got a garden full of fruits and herbs, there is so much potential to level up your sun tea skills. Black tea is the typical standard, but you can always experiment with other options like green, white, or chai tea! You can mix and match different flavor pairings, adding in all sorts of garden edibles to infuse their essence. Here are some creative combinations of garden ingredients to add to your sun tea for a mega-flavorful, healthy drink made with homegrown ingredients. 

Watermelon and Mint

As crisp and refreshing as it gets! Watermelon mint salad is already a huge hit at summer barbecue parties, so it’s no surprise that this drink hits the spot. Cube up your melon and toss it into the container, and very gently crush your mint leaves with your fingers—not so much that it rips them up, but just enough to help release the flavor. Toss them in, let it steep, and serve!

Raspberry and Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a cousin of mint with distinct citrus zest, so it’s a nice, low-acid alternative to lemon, with a lovely herbal flavor that pairs beautifully with raspberry. Instead of muddling the raspberries, which can cause lots of seeds and annoying chunks to float around, slice the raspberries in half to release their juice easier. Crush the lemon balm with your fingers and add it to the jar! 

Strawberry and Basil

This fruit and herb-infused tea is 100% kid-approved! Juicy, tart strawberries combine so well with fresh, fragrant basil. Slice those berries, crush the leaves, and let it steep. Try pouring the leftovers of your brew into some popsicle molds to enjoy later!

Mango Chili Chai

If you’re feeling adventurous and like a bit of spice, add some mango slices and a hot pepper or two into a container full of chai. This exotic blend has so much flavor, and it’s great for digestion and circulation. 

Blackberry, Orange, and Sage  

Sage has such a complex savory flavor, and the tanginess of orange and blackberry complements it surprisingly well! Try this combo with green tea and a little bit of honey for sweetness. Crush the leaves, slice up your oranges, and cut the blueberries in half. 

Living Color Garden Center-peach and thyme tea

Peach and Thyme

Peach is a versatile flavor that pairs perfectly with black, green, or white tea. Aromatic thyme balances the sweet with savory, creating a delicious mixer for cocktail night! Just slice up the peaches, toss in a handful of thyme sprigs, and let it infuse in the sunshine. 

Blueberry and Rosemary

There’s something so nostalgic about the flavor and scent of fresh rosemary, reminiscent of Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house. Pair it with fresh summer blueberries and black tea, and you’ve got pure happy memories in a mason jar! Muddle the blueberries with a wooden spoon and toss in a few sprigs of that delicious rosemary. 

Ginger and Lime

Ginger is so good for settling the tummy, and its potent flavor matches so well with zesty lime, creating a full-flavored sun tea that’s supremely satisfying on a July afternoon. Peel the ginger and slice it thinly, then add some round lime slices. Add some honey or agave syrup—it helps make the “zing” a little less sharp!

There are so many different fruits and herbs to grow for tea in Fort Lauderdale. Visit Living Color Garden Center to explore all the delicious edibles that are ready to plant now!

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