7 Awesome Shrubs for the Best Florida Landscaping

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale lantanas

Shrubs are the best plants for landscaping because they add so much structure, creating distinct borders and bringing dynamic color to the scenery. Smaller, flashier shrubs can function as focal points, while mass planting of shrubs can create “walls” of foliage that help segment different areas of your yard. 

These Popular Florida Landscape Plants Are Bursting With Color

Want to take your yard from a simple plot of land to a lush, luxurious garden? These are some of the best plants for Florida landscaping—you’ll be amazed by their versatility and visual impact!


How could you not love these candy-colored flower clusters? Lantanas look like they were designed by a kindergartener, but in the best way possible. I mean, why shouldn’t a plant have neon pink, electric yellow, and tangerine blossoms all together on each little stem? They almost look like fireworks! While many common lantana varieties hail from Africa, there are some that are considered native Florida shrubs, making them one of the best low-maintenance Florida landscape plants. 

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale purple dazzler leaves

Purple Dazzler

Bright tropical flowers get all the praise when it comes to gardening and landscaping in Florida, but this shrub deserves a shoutout for its show-stopping foliage! It only reaches about 3 feet max, so it’s small in size, but big in color! The pointy leaves are variegated with purple, green, pink, and white, with adorable blossoms that emerge as pink or lavender. While it’s one of the best shrubs for the landscape, some folks in Florida have planted it in hanging baskets with amazing results!

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale powderpuff trees magenta

Powderpuff Trees

We love this quirky tropical evergreen for its adorable powder puff blossoms that brighten up our landscapes. They almost look like mini fiber optic lamps, with bright hairlike strands that stick out in a spherical shape. Most produce red or pink flowers, but there are a few varieties with dreamy white powder puff flowers that look like snowballs. While technically a dwarf tree, the powderpuff only grows to about 6 feet tall and can be kept shorter through regular pruning. Make sure to plant it in a spot with full sun or just a little bit of partial shade. 

Lady’s Earrings

Also known as water jasmine, this dwarf Japanese tree is treated as an ornamental shrub here in Florida when pruned to a smaller size. Its delicate white flowers hang like little pendants, glinting in the sunlight and adding a touch of romance to your landscaping. In the Buddhist religion, lady’s earrings are considered a holy plant, and the bark and leaves are used in ancient medicines. Plant it in full sun, and you’ll love the peaceful energy and soothing aroma it brings. 

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale landscapes white candles

White Candles 

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best landscaping plants for shade in Florida, you’re going to love white candles! While its plentiful summer flowers are a crisp white, it creates a stunning visual contrast against its glossy, dark green leaves—so dark, throughout history they’ve been used as a source for natural black dyes. The blooms grow in an upright format just like a flickering candle, brightening up the shadiest spots in the yard. 

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale landscapes blue lips

Blue Lips

The fringed, blue flowers of this adorable Florida shrub are just the best! They kind of look like twirling poodle skirts—the kind you’d see ladies wearing at sock hops in the ‘50s! It seems butterflies, birds, and other pollinators like the flowers just as much as we do; local wildlife are often seen visiting these showy shrubs in the landscape. If you want something that looks a little less tropical, and has more of a prairie “cottagecore” style, blue lips will add a charming sweetness to the scenery. 

living color garden center shrubs fort lauderdale landscapes azaleas pink


This Florida native shrub is a staple for landscaping, with its ruffled blooms and ultra-saturated color that is prized across the world. They’re heavy feeders, so you’ll need to water and fertilize them frequently, but the payoff is well worth it! We recommend choosing a reblooming variety, so you can enjoy their colorful displays again and again from spring until fall. Azaleas are slightly smaller than their cousin, the rhododendron.

To see more exotic tropical shrubs or stunning native Florida shrubs for sale, now is the time to visit Living Color Garden Center! We’ve got so many incredible varieties that are ready to plant just in time for a sensational summer that’s bursting with color and energy. If you need any tools or soil amendments for transplanting, or if you have any questions about the process, our team will be happy to guide you!

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