Our Favorite Tropical Houseplants


Tropical indoor plants have a way of making a house feel like a home. The lush greenery, bold blooms, and interesting shapes liven up any room, and some tropicals even purify the air! Having tropical plants indoors takes you one step closer to creating an at-home oasis, something we can all get behind.

Tropical Plants For Your Home

You can incorporate tropical plants into your interior design in any room, as long as you can provide your plants with the right amount of light. Whether you want to make your home office a little less dull, cozy up your bedroom, or create a “jungle vibe” in your living room, here are some of our favorite tropical houseplants to consider next time you visit us at Living Color!  

Anthurium: Commonly called Flamingo Lily, Anthurium has glossy red, pink, white, and even dark-purple flowers. Anthurium is one of those plants that might have guests asking, “Is that plant real or fake?” because of its waxy foliage and flower bracts. But this tropical evergreen is definitely real, and it will make a bold impact in any room as long as it receives enough bright, indirect light. This plant should be kept away from pets. 


Bird of Paradise: With just one look at this plant, you’ll understand its name. The stunning flower on this plant, with its bright orange and blue bracts, looks like a tropical bird in flight. Besides its show-stopping flowers, Bird of Paradise also has broad, arching leaves. Reaching up to six feet in height, this plant will make a dramatic statement indoors. Just be sure to keep it away from your pets.

Bromeliad: This tropical plant has a bit of a wild and wacky look, but in the best way possible! It has thick bracts in vibrant shades of orange, purple, red, and yellow that grow in a rosette formation. These beautiful plants last only a few years, but you can pluck off the “pups” it produces to start new plants. 


Fiddle Leaf Fig: The lush, deep green leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig will add a touch of elegance to your home, making any space photoshoot-worthy! This plant makes a big impact, yet doesn’t look too busy or unruly. For your Fiddle Leaf Fig to thrive, make sure to find it a spot that gets lots of indirect light. Be careful that young Fiddle Leaf Figs don’t get too much direct sunlight, as it can scorch their signature fiddle-shaped leaves. If you have a dog in your life who is prone to chewing anything in sight, it’s best to avoid keeping a Fiddle Leaf Fig in your home. 

Golden Pothos: The perfect plant for the busy bee, this plant requires very little maintenance. It’s famously hard to kill—that’s how it’s earned the nickname “Devil’s Ivy.” While we absolutely love this plant, with its trailing vines and arrow-shaped leaves, it should be placed in a spot high up away from children and pets. 


Parlor Palm: One of the most popular indoor palms, the Parlor Palm has green fronds with a dainty texture that will add a lush-yet-airy feel to your home. It can reach up to six feet tall and does best in medium to direct sunlight. You can even add some of the fonds to flower arrangements—after being cut from the plant, they can survive for up to 40 days! 

Peace Lily: Bring a bit of serenity to your life with a Peace Lily. Looking at the evergreen foliage and elegant white blooms instantly brings on a feeling of calmness. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight, making it a great addition to your home office


Phalaenopsis: Commonly known as Moth Orchid, this plant has beautiful flowers in a range of colors that will bloom for you over and over if you give it a little care. For the best performance, use an orchid-specific potting medium. Phalaenopsis roots are prone to rotting if overwatered, which is why proper drainage is so important. 

Snake Plant: The deep green sword-like leaves of a Snake Plant reach high and to the sky. The leaves may be banded in shades of gold, gray, and silver. It’s incredibly easy to care for and is a go-to plant to include in modern or contemporary interior designs. This plant is mildly toxic to pets.

If you need a hand deciding which tropical plants to include in your interior design, we are happy to help! Drop by our greenhouse in Fort Lauderdale, place an order over the phone, or get in touch to arrange for delivery or curbside pickup

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