Gorgeous Garden Fountain Inspirations For 2020


Does your garden feel like it’s missing that final touch? Do you enjoy little hints of extravagance here and there? If so, you’ll love what a fountain can do for your backyard scenery! Fountains have that amazing power to deliver outstanding beauty while creating a delightfully serene atmosphere. The result is a blissful backyard, ideal for lounging the day away all year ‘round in Fort Lauderdale

No matter what kind of style aesthetic you admire, you’re bound to find a fountain that suits your tastes. There are just so many different styles to choose from! If you need a little inspiration for what kind of mood and theme you want to create in your landscape design, take a look through these gorgeous modern fountain designs for 2020.


Floating Fountains

For a landscape feature that always makes people do a double-take, this peculiar fountain style will fit the bill. The stem elevating the fountain’s spout is hidden by the stream of water, creating the illusion that it’s defying gravity! It brings an element of magic and whimsy to the garden, so if you’re more of the fun-loving sort who doesn’t take things too seriously, it’s certainly worth adding one of these into the scenery.


LED Fountains

If nighttime entertaining is your thing, the moody glow of LED light fountains will bring on the party vibes. They illuminate the garden, providing a source of light to help guests navigate the yard. Some feature plain white lights, but others boast custom color-changing options in a whole spectrum of different shades. There’s no question this extraordinary fountain will give your garden an instant glow-up!


Modern Sculptural Fountains

If the classic tiered fountain or zen wall fountain isn’t really your thing, and you tend to gravitate towards more modern, artsy design elements, opt for a sculptural water feature. There are endless options for this sophisticated fountain style, from abstract cubist forms to carved stone statuettes. Flowers are common subjects for modern art, so it just makes sense to integrate sculptures into the garden. These stunning pieces can transform your yard into an outdoor gallery! 


Pagoda Fountains

This architectural twist on the classic tiered fountain is oh-so-ornate and interesting! The graduated tiers resemble the roofs of a pagoda—a traditional tower or temple found in countries all across Asia. It looks particularly sharp in a garden with feng shui elements, ornamental stones, and exotic plants from the East. Your garden will feel like a faraway vacation destination—just conveniently located in your backyard!


Talavera Fountains

We never grow tired of this traditional style of Mexican pottery. The vibrant colors and floral motifs instantly bring energy and warmth into our outdoor decor. Fountains crafted in the Talavera style evoke a feeling of celebration, so whenever you’re in the mood for a little backyard fiesta, this water feature will set the scene. Plus, since there are so many other kinds of outdoor ceramics available in this style, like potted planters and patio tables, you can easily coordinate multiple elements of your yard with this South-of-the-border aesthetic. 

Want to see some of the unique styles we carry at Living Color Garden Center? Visit us in-store, and we can help you with any questions you may have about installation and upkeep. If you’d like to request home delivery for your fountain, call us in-store, and we can make arrangements over the phone. 

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