Good-bye Lawn, Hello New Landscape

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Stone, grass, plants, or turf options for your lawn are not in short supply. If you want to conserve water or you’re not thrilled with your current grass lawn landscape, consider these groundcover alternatives for a more appealing (and water-efficient) outdoor aesthetic. 

Should I Replace My Lawn?

Before exploring alternatives for your lawn, consider your current struggles with your grass and outdoor landscaping. Ask yourself these questions before making any big decisions:

How much time and energy do I want to spend on my lawn?

If you’re working full-time or managing your family, you may find traditional grass too much work. Consider how much time and energy you can invest into your outdoor space.

Is water conservation my top priority?

Drought conditions aren’t going away anytime soon. If water conservation is at the top of your list, then you will want to consider drought-tolerant plant options mixed with stone groundcover in place of your existing lawn.

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What do I want my lawn to look like?

When considering the alternatives for your groundcover, you can dream up your ideal environment. Do you want a lush oasis or a polished and clean look? What other pieces or focal points would you like in that space? 

Letting native plants grow freely is a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to makeover your lawn.

What is my budget?

Your budget may determine which alternatives you browse during your lawn makeover. Growing native plants is a more budget-friendly option than high-end paving stones or artificial turf.

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Option #1: Grow Native Plants

Letting native plants grow freely is a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to makeover your lawn. Planting or seeding native Florida plants will keep price and maintenance costs low. When you plant native species, they are likely to thrive with less intervention and less water, letting you enjoy your outdoor space instead of working against the elements. Florida is rich in biodiversity and you will have plenty of trees, flowers, and shrubs to choose from. 

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Option #2: Lay Landscape Stones

Landscape stones are a wonderful option if you don’t have the time or energy to keep up with mowing the lawn or maintaining flowers. Choosing landscape stones as alternatives to groundcover for your lawn doesn’t mean you can’t still have a uniquely appealing outdoor space. Landscape stones come in many varieties of size, color, and smoothness. A few options to consider:

  • River rock
  • Beach pebbles
  • Lava rock
  • Cobblestone
  • Polished pebbles

You can also use landscape stones to highlight the areas of your lawn that showcase your plants and flowers. Use landscape stones as a perimeter or pathway through your landscape to let your plant life take the spotlight. 

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Option #3: Grand Groundcovers

Consider alternatives to grass by choosing low and fast-growing groundcover plants that can quickly take over your landscape and add charm and beauty to your space. Groundcover plants are perfect for filling in gaps in your landscape or replacing labor-intensive grass. They can also be a gorgeous complement to your more prominent flowers and plants. Using groundcover plants as alternatives to grass can also help combat weeds, making it the perfect choice for a lower-maintenance but equally beautiful lawn.

Great groundcover plants for Florida: Blue Daze, Florida Violets, Sword Fern, and Algerian Ivy.

Option #4: Augment With Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has become more realistic over the years and can take the “work” out of “yard work.” You can use artificial turf to show off your potted plants and outdoor furniture. Artificial turf is also environmentally-friendly as it will never require watering. While it doesn’t require mowing or watering, it will require cleaning to prevent a build-up of debris and to stop staining. With proper care, your artificial turf can last between 15-20 years—a great long-term investment!

If you’re in search of groundcover planting services in South Florida or more information about lawn alternatives, come visit us! At Living Color Garden Center, we want to help you create the outdoor space you dream of.

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