Garden Party Ideas For The Fourth of July

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The fourth of July is soon approaching, and you know what that means! It’s garden party season in Fort Lauderdale! A lot goes into hosting the perfect day party in your outdoor space, whether decorating your backyard, sprucing up your garden, or deciding what food and drinks to serve on the menu. Read our guide on planning and executing the perfect garden party at your home this upcoming Fourth of July. 

Getting Your Backyard Party Ready 

Sprucing up your outdoor space is the first step to hosting an amazing Fourth of July party. Start by taking a walk around your garden and noting what areas of your backyard need some extra TLC. You may need to prune shrubs and cut back plants that look overgrown and scraggly or top up garden beds or planters with mulch or bark chips for a cleaner look. 

Prepare your deck with some moody lighting using either hanging lanterns or Christmas lights. If nighttime entertaining is your thing, the moody glow of LED light fountains will bring on the party vibes. Lastly, provide some comfortable seating areas in your garden. One of our absolute favorite places to sit in the summer is under our lattice canopy in the garden.

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Red, White, and Bloom: Brighten Up the Yard with Colorful Annuals

Why waste your money on basic Fourth of July themed streamers and balloons when you can choose to place gorgeous red, white, and blue annual flowers in pretty containers throughout your garden? They keep your garden looking beautiful for the rest of the summer, so there is no need to pack them away in the garage after the party ends! You can use red Geraniums, white Petunias, and blue Lobelias as a combination, placing the plants in separate containers or planting them all together.

Garden Party Menu  

Create a garden party menu around patriotic colors, or serve the traditional Fourth of July fares, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages! Pasta salads, devilled eggs, and corn on the cob are also popular garden party favorites that are cheap, easy to prepare, and ever-so satisfying. Include veggie burgers, grilled vegetables on the BBQ, or loaded veggie kabobs if your guests are vegetarian. Keep your side dishes simple, and voila! 

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Fourth of July Beverage List

For a fun and festive cocktail, serve a recipe with a red or blue floral-infused syrup, like hibiscus simple syrup; this will offer your cocktail a subtle tangy flavor and bold rich red color, a perfect reflection for our flag. For non-alcoholic beverages, use some of your garden herbs to infuse sun tea! This refreshing alternative will surely please your guests all day long.

Fourth of July Activities

Last but not least, you’ll want to provide your guests with some fun garden party activities to engage in at your home. Some ideas include: 

  • purchasing fireworks
  • hosting a hotdog eating contest
  • bringing out the karaoke machine
  • playing lawn bowling or darts
  • have fun in the sprinkler or blow-up pool
  • sending the kids on a scavenger hunt 
  • have a patriotic outfit contest
  • roast marshmallows over a bonfire
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Don’t overdo it trying to make a four-course meal in the kitchen while everyone’s outside enjoying themselves at your garden party. Keep the food and drink menu simple, and remember the most important thing is ensuring you and your guests enjoy some quality time together! 

For more ideas on getting your backyard ready for this upcoming Fourth of July celebration, check out our blog or visit us at Living Color Garden Center in Fort Lauderdale! We are always happy to help you beautify your garden. 

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