Fall Plants & Decor for the Home and Landscape


Fall is nearly here! While autumn brings some relief from the scorching summer temperatures (if we’re lucky!), we won’t be in “sweater weather” territory for some time. While our neighbors further north are about to fill our Instagram feeds with blazing red and gold foliage, we need to work a little harder to surround ourselves with the fall spirit. Instead, we can turn to plants and décor that help us incorporate classic autumn colors!

Fall Plants for the Home and Landscape

Because of the warm temperatures in Fort Lauderdale throughout the year, we aren’t limited to having typical houseplants strictly indoors. Put these plants wherever you want to add in some autumn charm, either indoors or out.


Anthurium: This tropical flower has a waxy singular petal and bright stamen. Commonly called Flamingo Lily, the glossy flowers come in dark-purple, pink, red, and white. This is a bold flower that will add a striking pop of color to your fall décor.

Bromeliad: Include Bromeliad to add major tropical flair to your autumn décor. Its thick bracts grow in a rosette formation, splaying outward, and they come in a range of shades, including your fall favorites. This plant blooms only once, but it will grow pups at its base that can be plucked off to grow into new plants.

Calathea: There are many varieties of Calathea, but in general, this plant is known for its ornamental foliage, featuring patterns of green, pink, purple, and white. Keep the soil moist—it should feel sort of like a wrung-out sponge. You have to find the sweet spot when watering this plant, making sure not to overwater it and not let it dry out entirely either.

Croton: With leaves in any fall color you’d like, including red, orange, yellow, green, and copper, Croton is a perfect plant for this time of year. This perennial evergreen can grow in a range of sun conditions, depending on the cultivar, and it’s sure to add a bold splash of autumn-inspired color to your interior or landscape design.

Dracaena: Spear-like leaves grow up and outward from the trunk of Dracaena. This tropical plant has bold foliage with dark green leaves edged in red. Dracaena plants are sensitive to fluoride, so to keep it looking its best, water it with filtered water—regular tap water can cause the plant to turn brownish-yellow. If you don’t have a filter, leave a container of tap water out overnight so that the fluoride evaporates by the next day.


Décor for Your Autumn Theme

Mixing in seasonal décor in with your plants will add to the traditional fall look you crave. Decorate an entire area, add pops of color here and there, or create smaller vignettes to bring in that autumn look.

Different materials will enhance the fall look. For example, terra-cotta and other warm-toned pottery will fit in with your autumn palette. When looking for décor items, opt for pieces that add to the earthy feel of autumn, like copper, wicker, rattan, cast iron, and stone.

Incorporate veggies and fruits. Harvest in-season edible plants, and display them in large fruit bowls in your home. This will not only fit in with a fall harvest theme but also encourage your family to eat more fresh food since it will be right there in the open, basically calling their name!


Pumpkins are a must, of course. When people see a pumpkin, they think of fall immediately. Put real or craft pumpkins and other gourds on your porch, near your front door, in garden beds, and next to containers.

Don’t forget the little touches. Even an accent here and there will bring together your whole fall theme. Put out an autumn throw blanket, hang a wreath on your front door, light a spicy scented candle, display a fresh-cut bouquet, and get creative in other ways to incorporate the sights and smells of fall!

Ready to go full-on fall? Drop by Living Color Garden Center or call us to pick up plants and décor to fit in with the theme!

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