Fall Annual Flowers and Plant Decor for Fort Lauderdale

Seasonal fall decor outdoors Living Color Garden center

We’re always eager to decorate for fall and see all the beautiful colors and scenery, and annual flowers are a great way to spruce things up in the front yard. If your summer annual flowers have begun to fade and your landscape needs a little glow-up, plant an assortment of these breathtaking annual flowers. We’ve even got some bonus fall decor ideas to make your porch look extra pretty! 

Our Favorite Fall Annual Flowers

These vibrant fall-blooming annuals bring sensational style to your outdoor scenery. Plant them in some cute fall containers in your favorite seasonal colors!


Petunias are a fan favorite because there are just so many spellbinding colors to choose from. For this season, we love the rich purple petunias speckled with white—they look just like a starry night sky! Plant these voluminous bloomers in a hanging basket or an elevated container that will allow the trailing vines to cascade downward.

living color garden center orange impatien flowers


Impatiens are one of the best fall annuals for shade, and they’re so low-maintenance. While we do enjoy the pastel-toned varieties, for fall, we absolutely adore ultra-saturated jewel-tone flowers in shades of deep red, orange, and purple. 


There’s something so spectacular about the high-impact color contrast of ruby red geranium blooms amongst a bed of rich emerald foliage. To get the biggest, brightest flowers possible, plant them somewhere that gets 6–8 hours of sunlight per day. Deadhead the spent flowers to encourage reblooming.


As summer temperatures start to cool down, that’s the cue for snapdragons to start producing their signature blooms. They look just like cute little dragons! The coral pink and orange varieties are especially striking this time of year, but they also look fabulous as an assorted multicolor mix. 

celosia flowers Living Color garden center


Fall celosia flowers are a surefire way to bring some energy and personality to your patio! These tufted, colorful cuties look like lit torches, available in all your favorite autumn shades: red, yellow, orange, and even deep magenta. We recommend planting them in containers for the best visual impact.


Candy-colored fall zinnias never fail to put a smile on our faces. They’re such a diverse family of flowers, so there are many different kinds to enjoy. Single-flowered zinnias have one row of petals and a visible center like a daisy. Double-flowered zinnias have voluminous flower heads like pom-poms, with no visible center. Semi Double-flowered zinnias are kind of in-between—lush, thick flowers with visible centers.

Fall Decor Ideas for Fort Lauderdale

Looking for more ways to make your garden and porch look more festive for the season? Try these creative decor ideas!

metallic painted gourds Living color garden center

Get Gourd-geous

Sure, everyone loves pumpkins and gourds for autumn decor, but why not glam it up this year? Gather an assortment of gourds in shades of gold, amber, and cream. Then, paint a few of them with a cool accent paint, like metallic bronze.

Decorate With Fall Plant Forage

Dropped branches and dried cut flowers from summer can look so beautiful when arranged in a small urn or vase. Take a stroll around the neighborhood to see if there’s anything pretty you can repurpose for autumn decor.

Garden Statues

Elegant statuary can dramatically elevate the scenery in your landscape. We have a stunning selection of garden statues and water features like birdbaths and fountains to add a little luxury to your outdoor space.

Fall Plant Garlands

Garlands aren’t just for the winter holidays! We love the look of magnolia garlands with orange berries for autumn. Pick up some florist’s wire, look up a DIY tutorial online, and create something beautiful to drape over your window frame outside. It’s an instant boost in curb appeal!

Looking for more ways to spruce up your scenery for fall? We have the best selection of fall annual flowers for Fort Lauderdale, plus plenty of modern, attractive garden decor to suit your unique style. Visit us soon to see what’s new for the season!

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