Fabulous Fountains

pagoda style water feature

You don’t need a sprawling mansion with a courtyard to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of a garden water fountain. There are plenty of different ways to integrate these lovely water features into your landscape. Plus, there are plenty of benefits to having garden water fountains, far beyond basic ornamental purposes. 

The Perks Of Having A Water Fountain In Your Garden

If you haven’t ever considered adding a water fountain to your garden, take it from us: it’s so worth it! You’ll love what it does for your outdoor living space. On top of being beautiful to look at, your garden water fountain will:

  • Ease anxiety and create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Attract beautiful wild birds.
  • Support pollinator populations, like bees and butterflies. 
  • Drown out noise pollution and city commotion with the sound of rushing water. 

Unsure of how you can incorporate a water fountain into your garden design? Here’s an assortment of innovative styles that will instantly elevate your landscape design without taking up all your free space. Look for self-contained styles that don’t need to be attached to a water source to make the installation process that much easier!

tabletop water fountain

Tabletop Water Fountains

It’s incredible how even just a small tabletop fountain can change up the vibes in your yard. Use one as a centerpiece for your patio dining table and surround it with cute miniature succulents. Or, you can place one on a side table on the porch near your seating area so guests can enjoy the relaxing sounds. We have a collection of gorgeous glazed ceramic tabletop styles in all sorts of vibrant colors. 

Outdoor Waterfall Fountains

Waterfalls and wall fountains tend to take up more vertical space than horizontal, so they’re easy to accommodate in your garden design! Even large waterfall features that cover a whole wall won’t end up taking much space. They have a modern, avant-garde aesthetic that feels cool and fresh—not dated or tacky. The dreamy visuals and ambient sounds are incomparable!

Greek Column Fountains

This classic water fountain style continues to be a favorite, and we have so many different versions you can add to the garden! From ridged ceramic columns with colorful glazed accents to cubist concrete sculptures with perfect symmetry, there’s bound to be a column-style fountain that suits your desired look.  

tiered water fountain

Tiered Fountains

If you’re aiming for luxury, a tiered fountain never fails to bring a sense of romance and magic to your garden. If you find one that stands atop a pillar or narrow base, it won’t be hard to integrate amongst your garden plants. Just nestle it among some mounding filler plants, and you won’t have to sacrifice much garden space at all.

zen tabletop waterfall

Zen Water Bowl Fountains

This traditional Japanese design brings an exotic yet peaceful air to your garden landscape. Smaller styles can be used as tabletop fountains, whereas you can integrate larger styles directly in the garden bed. You can even find cascading bowls, where water pours in and out of several stacked vessels. Stone or metal bowl fountains look particularly striking!
Do you have any questions about fountain maintenance or installation? Visit us at Living Color Garden Center, and we can help walk you through the necessary steps to ensure your chosen fountain functions smoothly. We’ve got plenty of eye-catching styles in store that make the perfect finishing touch for your flawless garden design.

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