7 Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas for Fort Lauderdale


Nothing brightens the spirits quite like taking the time to put up Christmas decorations in the house, and having a fresh, creative design idea makes it extra fun! If you’ve been putting up the same old garlands and string lights for years, why not give your holiday decor game a fresh update with one of these cool new design trends? Experimenting with new styles can lead to some big “aha moments” with your home’s design, and the best part is, holiday decorating is only temporary, so there’s always room to play around and switch things up.


Fun, Unexpected Trends for the Holiday Decorations

If the old nutcracker and three wise men statuettes are starting to show their age, it might be time to add some new, modern decor pieces into the mix! We’re loving these creative ideas for winter trimmings for Fort Lauderdale homes.

Wreath Chandelier

An evergreen wreath makes a fantastic chandelier to hang over the dinner table! Trim it with ornaments and ribbons that match the color scheme in your dining room, and make sure everything is tied up securely. 

Advent Garlands

If anything builds excitement and brings consistent joy to kids over the holidays, it’s an advent calendar! Do it this year in style: buy 24 little satchels in a fabric that jives with your decor theme—go burlap if you’re aiming for rustic, or velvet if you like things a little more luxe. Number each one, string them up on a ribbon or twine and hang them on the mantle or along the banister. Put tiny gifts and treats in each one for the kids to enjoy!


DIY Decor with Classic Sheet Music

If you like going DIY with your decorations, pick up an old book of holiday carol sheet music, a jar of mod podge, a paintbrush, and some scissors, and get creative! Cut up strips of music to wrap around candles and potted plants or to line the insides of glass vases. Wrap old, chipped ball ornaments with strips of sheet music, make paper chain garlands, curl up some paper ribbons, or find instructions to fold little origami figures for the tree! 

What Colors are Trending for Christmas 2020?

One of the easiest ways to create a consistent, attractive theme with your holiday decor is by picking a color scheme and sticking to it. It allows for plenty of creativity while ensuring things look streamlined and well-coordinated. Take a look at these two holiday palettes that are making waves on design blogs this year!

Minimalist Palette, with Maximum Accessories

If you can’t help but go a little overboard with the decorating, but you want to avoid things looking too overwhelming or garish, the key is to stick with an ultra-neutral palette! Frosty white, vanilla cream, and hints of silver-grey will look elegant and opulent, especially if you go heavy on the sparkles! If your home decor is already pretty soft and airy, opt for light-toned table runners, tree ornaments, and stockings to complement that heavenly white palette. You’ll be amazed at how regal it looks!


Sweeten the Scene with Rose Gold

Regular gold-toned accents, from bells to bows and beautiful candles, are a classic staple around the holidays. But this year, why not give it a sweet, feminine edge by switching to rose gold? Rosy metallic accessories for your tree (and all the gifts underneath it), the mantle, and your dinner table will really pop, bringing a sense of youthful fun and romance. Pair them up with other peachy pink toned fabrics for your tablecloths and ribbons, and your house will look perfectly dreamy this season.  

Modern Christmas Decoration Ideas

Make your home decor a luxurious, tactile experience by integrating plush, luxurious materials and textures wherever you can.

For a cool, updated look that doesn’t look cliched or overdone, try these innovative ideas that break free from the traditional mold. 


Get Crafty with Mandarin Oranges

So many delicious oranges and citrus fruits are in season over the winter, particularly the ever-popular mandarin orange. Give your decor a bright, juicy pop of color by using fruit as ornamental accents! Dried orange slices can be strung up and hung around the tree or entwined with fresh pine garland to decorate banisters and pillars. Piles of fresh oranges can be mixed up with glass ornaments, pine sprigs, poinsettias, and reclaimed wood decorations for a rustic-yet-vibrant centerpiece for tables, mantles and credenzas. 


Cozy and Plush, But Make It Fashion

The holidays never fail to delight the senses, with so many delicious flavors and scents, beautiful sights, and nostalgic music to enjoy. But we often forget about one of the other senses—touch! Make your home decor a luxurious, tactile experience by integrating plush materials and textures wherever you can. Drape faux fur pelts over chairs and benches, and create bouquets of dramatic, wispy white ostrich feathers or pampas grass to pop into vases and urns, as opposed to the typical evergreen branches. 

As always, Living Color has plenty of holiday plants and decor pieces to give your home a stunning makeover that evokes that incomparable feeling of winter magic. Visit us in-store to see our full collection, and follow us on Instagram to see updates of what’s new! From all of us at Living Color, have a safe and happy holiday with all those you hold near and dear.


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