Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Fort Lauderdale Garden

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With a combination of festive plants, creative outdoor lighting, and fun DIY décor, you can bring the spirit of the season right to your Fort Lauderdale garden. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring the holiday magic to your garden!

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Multi-Colored Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a Christmas staple when it comes to holiday flowers. While the vibrant reds have a knack for lighting up any holiday space, Poinsettias come in a wide array of colors, so don’t feel like you need to limit yourself; combine variations of red, hot pink, pastel pink, multicolored, and white poinsettias together for a show-stopping festive display! These plants look great indoors and you can plant them outdoors after the Christmas season. They are long-lasting, meaning they’ll continue to light up your backyard with a gorgeous pop of color. 

Decorate Your Trees and Shrubs with Christmas Decor 

Adorning your trees and plants with Christmas lighting, garlands, bows, and other glittery elements is a sure way to create a winter wonderland! To keep things festive day and night, wrap some LED lighting and lanterns around their trunks and foliage to stay in the holiday spirit no matter the time of day. 

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti make for excellent holiday decorations in any Southern Florida garden. These plants do not produce sap or have sharp spines, making them ideal for households with pets or small children. They’re also incredibly easy to propagate and infuse your space with a lovely shade of holiday pink or white! These succulents do best in a shaded area of your backyard away from direct lighting, where their leaves will be protected from the hot sun. 

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DIY Holiday Porch Pots

Making your own holiday planters is a sure way of lighting up the exterior of your home with a homey, personalized feel, and it’s as easy as using the thriller/filler/spiller method! Start with some stunning evergreen or deciduous tree cuttings as your “thriller” before surrounding them with filler plants like azaleas, roses, and poinsettia flowers. Finally, flame vines, or other vining plants work great as spillers to really round out your planter. Remember to finish your one-of-a-kind holiday arrangement with Christmas ornaments and festive lighting! 

Light Up Your Exterior Structures 

Do you have a pergola or balcony surrounding your home? Not only is this festive display easy to achieve, but it’s also beautiful and practical year-round, cutting down on your end-of-season cleanup. It also provides a gorgeous framework for your other holiday lights and decorations, adding height and structure to your display. Drape some mini-evergreens in Christmas lighting and plant them around your seating area to really up the coziness factor, and add a festive outdoor pathway lit up with red and green pot lighting to guide your guests—and Santa—straight to your outdoor Christmas paradise!

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Christmas Elves and Gnomes

These little guys are super easy to put together and add a lot of Christmas cheer to your home. Just gather up some evergreen cuttings, add a potato or crab apple from your garden as the nose, and place a Santa or elf hat on top. You can also add some felt mittens and cotton ball “snow” to personalize your gnome even more, and drape them in LED lighting to really show them off on your front porch at night. Take a tour of our garden center to find fresh greenery to make your own with the family over the holiday season! 

Looking for more inspiration to get your South Florida garden into the holiday spirit? Visit us at Living Color Garden Center in Fort Lauderdale today for more Christmas gardening, lighting, and decor ideas!

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