The Best Roses to Grow in South Florida


South Florida landscapes are known for their tropical blooms and foliage, and you may have even heard that roses are difficult to grow in our climate. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! As long as you choose the right variety of rose—one that doesn’t mind our hot and wet weather—you can still have beautiful flowers that add elegance to your yard or make stunning cut arrangements for indoors.

Here are some Florida-friendly roses that will thrive in your landscape. Plus, these ones are easy to care for, perfect for beginner or well-established gardeners!


Belinda’s Dream

One look at this shrub rose and you’ll see it’s a dream come true! Belinda’s Dream has gorgeous large double flowers in pink. This variety was bred in Texas, meaning it can withstand hot temperatures like here in South Florida. Prune lightly to maintain its beautiful appearance and to encourage frequent blooming. Use this disease-resistant rose as a specimen plant, as a hedge, or in a large container.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a hybrid tea rose with large, medium-red, fragrant flowers. This disease-resistant variety is nearly thornless, and the blooms are ideal for cut arrangements. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds will be drawn to the Christian Dior rose thanks to its sweet fragrance.


Don Juan

This variety of rose thrives in climates like here in South Florida, showcasing its best colors in areas with warm nights. Don Juan is a climbing rose, growing up to 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide. But climbing isn’t all this rose is good at! The large, deep red flowers, which have a delightful fragrance, make excellent cut flowers, too. 

Gold Medal

Gold Medal is a grandiflora rose with extraordinary golden-yellow blooms that are outlined in orangey red. The vibrant flowers contrast nicely with the shrub’s dark green leaves. It’s both disease-resistant and heat-tolerant, meaning it’s sure to thrive in your yard. 


Perfume Delight

With this rose, the name says it all. Perfume Delight has fragrant, large deep pink flowers on long stems, meaning they’re great for cut arrangements. This hybrid tea rose is a continual bloomer suitable for beds, borders, or containers. 


A reliable climbing rose, Prosperity has fragrant, fluffy white blooms that pair perfectly with the plant’s dark stems and foliage. As a climber, it can reach 8 feet tall, though you can prune it to be a hedge rose as well. The Prosperity rose adds a dramatic yet graceful touch to your garden.


Tips for Growing Roses in South Florida

In South Florida, feed roses each month year-round with rose fertilizer.

While there are a number of roses that grow well in our climate, it’s important to keep some important points in mind.

  • Plant in well-drained soil in full sun, with at least six to eight hours per day starting in the early morning. That way the rose will get some protection from the scorching summer afternoon sun.
  • Give the rose bush plenty of room since they don’t like competing with roots of nearby plants.
  • Water every day for the first couple weeks after planting new roses so that they establish strong root systems. Once established, water on a regular basis, letting the soil dry between waterings. Adjust the watering schedule depending on the weather—you won’t have to water as much during rainy periods, but you’ll have to water more frequently during hot, dry periods. When watering, avoid getting the leaves wet and instead direct the water at the soil.
  • In South Florida, feed roses each month year-round with rose fertilizer. During the summer, add smaller amounts of fertilizer every two weeks rather than monthly. This will prevent nutrients from washing away with summer rain.
  • Prune in spring or fall. Remove the spindly stems and stems at the center of the bush to allow for better air circulation.
  • Regularly inspect your roses for diseases like leaf spot or powdery mildew.

Roses are a garden classic, and there are options out there that will thrive in South Florida. Here in South Florida, you can plant roses throughout the year, so stop by our garden center to be well on your way to a charming landscape filled with roses!

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