Beautiful Bulbs to Plant Now!

living color beautiful bulbs to plant gloriosa

Spring has nearly sprung in South Florida. It’s the perfect time to begin planting bulbs and tubers for the peak growing months. Readying your bulbs will reward you with beautiful, thriving blooms. Here are some of our recommendations to get you inspired. 

Tips for Planting Bulbs

January through March is the perfect time to get started on your planting. Start things off with tasks like planting the hardiest of bedding plants, vegetables, and bulbs. This is also the ideal time to prepare your garden by adding new garden beds, tilling the soil, spreading mulch, or pulling any stray weeds. You should consider planting bulbs in pots or containers to fully control their location and their conditions. Remember to avoid fertilizing until after mid-April to prevent potential frost damage.

When opting for container potting, you should plant the bulb at least one-half to two-thirds above the soil line in well-draining soil. Ensure your bulbs get ample sunlight and water during this critical period, as not enough light or water will lead to a struggling plant with weak blooms. 

living color beautiful bulbs to plant canna lily

Canna Lily

There are many varieties of lilies to choose from that thrive in Florida. Canna lilies are some of the brightest and most beautiful. Their blooms can be massive and can come in shades of electric pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows. These statement pieces do well in full or partial sun. Try planting them along the fence or near a water feature.


These exotic perennial plants have bright flowers on unique, arching, wiry-stems. They are a perfect choice if you’re hoping to attract hummingbirds to your home. Planting in spring will lead to glorious blossoms in mid to late summer. Remember to search for large bulbs if you are hoping for show-stopping blooms.

living color beautiful bulbs to plant spider lily

Spider Lily 

Spider lilies are striking in their unique beauty with fragrant white blooms and lush green foliage. They can grow up to 2-3 feet high and can spread quickly for ample ground cover. They are also surprisingly hearty and can withstand both droughts and wet seasons. 

When planting amaryllis, remember that whatever bulb you select will reflect the size of your future plant. If you want a large plant with impressive florals, select large bulbs.

Planting Amaryllis

Beloved, especially during the holidays, amaryllis flowers boast trumpet-shaped blooms that are unforgettable. When planting amaryllis, remember that whatever bulb you select will reflect the size of your future plant. If you want a large plant with impressive florals, select large bulbs. If you choose a larger size, make sure you select a pot that can adequately support the amaryllis. 

living color beautiful bulbs to plant rain lily

Rain Lily Bulbs

Also known as the zephyr lily or fairy lily, the rain lily is a classic beauty that adds simple elegance to your garden. Typically white, pink, or yellow, they are so low-maintenance they seem to grow magically on their own with little intervention. And, because Florida has such mild winters, you don’t need to dig up the bulbs every year to preserve them. 

Growing Gloriosa

These glorious and fast-growing lilies have striking, flame-like petals in yellow, red, and orange hues. They thrive in warm, wet summers and are prone to take over everything they touch. Make sure you trellis them early on to control their growth. They are perfect for crawling along a fence or buildings. 

living color beautiful bulbs to plant dwarf irises

Iris Bulb Planting

Stunning irises are another perfect addition to your bulb planting in Florida this year. Each variety offers gorgeous hues and unique shapes. Be mindful of our hot and wet climate when you are selecting your iris variety, though. The Regina iris is striking with purple-blue and white blooms and is surprisingly resilient. The African iris is another wonderful option for South Florida as it is delicate and drought tolerant. 

Getting started early for this planting season will lead to your most stunning garden yet. If you have any more questions about planting bulbs in South Florida, please contact or come visit us. We’d be happy to help you this gardening season. 

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