A Basic Garden Supply List Every Beginner Gardener Needs

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Every beginner gardener has to start somewhere! If you’re feeling nervous about your first foray into growing veggies, flowers, and other landscape plants, having a kit full of gardener pro tools will help you feel confident and ready to tackle this exciting challenge! This basic garden supply list has everything a beginner gardener needs to start on the right foot. 

Print off this garden supply list to bring to our garden center or add them to your Christmas wish list!   

What Supplies Do I Need to Start Gardening?

Make sure these tools are in your basic garden supply kit to avoid common fumbles and beginner gardener mishaps! 

Garden Gloves

One of the most important items in your garden supply kit, garden gloves keep your hands clean and protected! Getting soil under your nails is never a good look, and your handheld tools can cause major calluses after repeated use. They’re also helpful for pruning plants with sharp thorns or toxic sap—safety is key!

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A stainless steel trowel is so incredibly useful—no garden supply kit is complete without one! They’re perfect for weeding, dividing perennials, transplanting, tilling the soil, mixing in compost, and so much more. Try to look for one with an ergonomic shape and a handle that’s easy to grip to avoid sore hands from repeated use. 


If you plan on planting larger landscape plants like trees and shrubs, a shovel is an absolute must! Not only is it useful for digging holes, but you can also use it to tamp down the soil around new plantings. Shovels are also helpful for spreading large amounts of compost or mulch across the soil.

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Garden Rake

Raking leaves and dethatching the grass is an essential part of keeping your lawn and garden pest-free! Rake up fallen debris regularly, and dethatch your lawn at least twice a year.

Pruning Shears

Sharp pruning shears that are easy to maneuver will make garden maintenance so much easier! There are different sizes available, so if you have many tall landscape plants, it’s worth investing in pruning shears with an extending handle. If you’re left-handed, be sure to pick up a pair made for lefties!

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Hose and Sprayer or Watering Can

Your plants need water, so your garden supply kit will need some kind of watering apparatus! If your garden isn’t too big, a watering can will suffice. However, if your garden is on the bigger side, you’ll probably grow tired of refilling your watering can over and over again—almost every day during the sunniest months. A hose with a sprayer head with different spray settings is a great option for keeping your garden plants well-watered.

Rubber Boots

Don’t dirty up your nice shoes trudging through the mud! Some waterproof galoshes or rubber boots will really come in handy, especially if you’re gardening after heavy rain.

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Garden Kneeler and Seat

Any beginner gardener will soon learn that gardening involves a lot of bending over and hunching forward. That can be hard on the back, and if you lose your balance, your bottom might end up in the dirt! A garden kneeler that doubles as a seat will help prevent back pain or potentially embarrassing tumbles in the mud. 

Looking for garden supplies in Fort Lauderdale fit for a beginner gardener? Make Living Color Garden Center your first stop! We have plenty more useful tools worth adding to your beginner gardener’s basic garden supply kit, so feel free to chat with one of our experts in-store for recommendations on the latest products. 

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