6 Ideas For Using Container Gardens In Your Landscape Design


If you’re in search of some creative ideas for livening up your landscape design, why not get a little crafty with container gardening? Plant containers come in every shape and size, and we have so many different styles at Living Color; from cool minimalist neutral tones to vibrant patterned motifs. 

Instead of keeping all your plants at ground level, container gardening allows you to play with height and dimension with the freedom to arrange and rearrange your layout. Plus, the containers themselves add an extra dose of visual interest to complement your yard’s aesthetic. Here are some clever container ideas to integrate into your landscape design.  

6 Container Garden Ideas For Landscaping

If you’re in need of some fresh ideas for container gardening landscaping in Fort Lauderdale, check out these 6 innovative container garden layouts for adding serious curb appeal to your yard. You’ll love customizing your containers—and you can easily switch up your design whenever you please! 

Attach Containers To Fences And Facades. If you don’t have a ton of free square footage in your yard, you can play with verticals and attach small pots to a fence, facade, or patio lattices. Stagger their layout so none of the pots are directly above any others to avoid blocking the lower plants from the sunlight. We recommend picking several pots of the same size, but in a mix of complementary colors, so you can add some visually appealing variety while still achieving a streamlined and coordinated look. 


Use Containers As Space Dividers. Tall, rectangular containers can function like half-walls, so they’re perfect for segmenting your landscape into different areas. Your outdoor sitting area will feel a lot more cozy and homey when it’s sectioned off with containers that function as walls. They look particularly elegant when filled with trailing plants that spill out and cascade downward.

Affix Containers To Patio Pillars. Smaller plant pots can be attached to outdoor pillars, adding a burst of color without taking up extra space. To avoid any containers casting shade on the others, some folks will arrange the pots in a spiraling pattern around the pillar, adding a sense of movement and a little whimsy.


Upcycle And Refurbish Rustic Containers. If you’re into more vintage, rustic aesthetics or country vibes, you can have a lot of fun sprucing up old containers and giving them a new purpose as a planter. You can use bigger pieces like metal troughs or old barrels, or even create smaller, simple accent pieces like a vintage watering can flower pot. Cluster containers together, with smaller pots and planters and varying sizes surrounding one large statement piece. Old metal pipes with diameters over 6 inches make really neat landscape installations, especially when you use a mix of different heights and widths, with the tallest pipes in the center. 

Use Two Containers To Anchor An Entryway. It’s amazing how much more inviting an entryway can look when it’s flanked by two matching container arrangements. For maximum visual impact, follow the classic formula of “thriller, spiller, and filler.” Plant tall, showy plants in the center, mounding, denser plants at the base, and trailing plants around the edges to hang down over the sides. 

Get Artsy With Your Containers. Consider your containers as an extension of your garden art collection. Larger, statement planters in bold, trendy colors or intricate motifs can really add personality and vibrance to your landscape. Pick a palette or theme that will coordinate well with the colors of your home’s exterior. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, there are lots of color palette generators online that will build off of your base color of choice with palettes of three or more complementary shades. 

Do you have any creative DIY ideas for container gardening landscaping and design? Come visit us at Living Color, and we’ll help you bring your vision to life with all the tools, plants, and gorgeous outdoor pottery you’ll need. 

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