2021 Modern Landscape and Garden Design Trends for Fort Lauderdale


Every December, we love scoping out the latest garden design trends and landscaping ideas to catch a glimpse of what’s in store for the new year. It came as no surprise to find a wealth of inspiration on Instagram from excited DIY landscape designers. 2020 saw a significant increase in the landscaping and gardening industry, with many eager first-timers discovering the incredible benefits of growing plants and maintaining a beautiful, liveable outdoor space at home. 

Turquoise is a very rare color to encounter in the plant world, but Living Color has one of the most spectacular turquoise flowers in the world: the jade vine!

The Hottest New Garden Design Trends in Florida

In the endless sea of swoon-worthy landscapes and gardens, we noticed a few standout trends that seem to be on the upswing for 2021. Take a look at some of this year’s most inspired ideas in design for outdoor living.    


What’s New in Gardening for 2021?

Gardening is one of the most integral aspects of landscaping in Fort Lauderdale. With nearly perpetual sunshine and a tropical climate, we’re surrounded by plant life, bursting with color all year-round. With a little planning, you can enjoy a vibrant garden with ceaseless visual spectacle while also creating a healthy, sustainable food source for you and your family.

Here are the top garden trends for this year that bring both function and style to your outdoor living space in innovative, exciting new ways! 


Reducing trips to the grocery store and growing your own organic produce is always a worthwhile idea, but devoting most of your yard to your vegetable plants doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Many vegetables and fruits have just as much ornamental value and beauty as your typical garden flowers, but with the obvious bonus of bountiful, healthy food.

One of the most beautiful ways to integrate vegetable plants into the landscape is by growing vining plants around decorative trellises and arbors. Vining cherry tomatoes look beautiful as they begin to ripen and change color, like clusters of glass baubles glinting in the sun. Trailing strawberry plants are perfect for planting now in winter, and they look amazing in hanging baskets and window boxes.  


Uncommon Neons

Surrounding yourself with bright colors and unique, unexpected visual accents is a surefire way to perk up your spirits. When home is paradise, the livin’ is easy! We’ve been noticing many beautiful-yet-peculiar neon shades trending in the garden scene—particularly neon turquoise and indigo.

Turquoise is a very rare color to encounter in the plant world, but Living Color has one of the most spectacular turquoise flowers in the world: the jade vine! Native to the Phillippines, this eye-catching vine looks almost fluorescent, with blue-green flowers that truly glow in the light. 

Cool, rich tones of vivid indigo complement neon turquoise surprisingly well, creating a fun, futuristic style that feels fresh and lively. The passion vine has such extraordinary blossoms, with neon indigo fringe forming a cup shape on top of contrasting petals, adding the perfect unexpected touch that truly astounds for all the right reasons. 

Modern Landscaping Trends

Gardening brings the plant life to the scenery, but landscaping is what makes it functional and liveable, with structure and a sense of movement that takes advantage of your available space and natural resources. Here are the most interesting landscaping ideas that are making waves in design spheres.  


Vine-Covered Pergolas

The dreamy elegance of a pergola overtop your outdoor eating area is absolutely incomparable, and they’re pretty simple structures to create. A series of pillars and beams work together to form a slatted roof, creating a sense of intimacy while still providing a view of the starry sky above. Training vines to grow up the pergolas adds a romanticism that feels utterly Parisian, and a few artfully strung twinkle lights add the perfect finishing touch.  

Outdoor Living Rooms, Complete with a Fireplace 

If you want your outdoor seating area to really feel like a second living room, you’ve got to get a fireplace! It’s incredible how a pretty fireplace can instantly add so much atmosphere and ambiance—plus, it’s a fun activity to enjoy with company. Now, “fireplace” is a term used pretty broadly here. While traditionally styled outdoor fireplaces feel more formal than your typical backyard fire pit, we’re also really warming up to the idea of adding a backyard stone-fired oven for making gourmet pizzas! 


Steel and Concrete Accents

The design forecasting gurus at Pantone have forecasted that grey will be especially trendy this year, and we love the idea of using simple materials like concrete and metal to hit that perfect balance of sleek modernism meets urban rustic. Concrete planters, aluminum troughs, and repurposed metal containers are easy to incorporate into existing designs to give them a modern makeover.  

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

Outdoor furniture is essential to outdoor living, and these gorgeous decor styles will have you looking for excuses to entertain outside every day!


Luxury Hammocks

Woven cotton hammocks have a beautiful, boho vibe that feels very 1970’s, but in a fresh, modern way. Investing in a good-quality, weatherproof hammock is so worth it. Who wouldn’t want endless blissful afternoons in a sunny yard, swaying back and forth in the breeze? Something about the rhythmic rocking is so meditative and comforting, so it’s a perfect way to unwind. 

Rattan Peacock Chairs

This is another one of those retro statement furniture styles that has made an enormous comeback and feels more modern than ever. The oversized, rounded backs feel almost throne-like, creating a sense of luxury without looking at all ostentatious. Create a sweet little outdoor breakfast nook with some peacock chairs and a delicate rattan table for a picture-perfect setting for your morning coffee.  


Black and White Textiles

While black and white don’t seem too groundbreaking, when they’re done with bold, high-impact patterns using crisp lines and geometry, the effect is very high-fashion! While classic navy and white striped patio chairs have a nautical vibe that feels a bit cliché, a thick black and white striped material feels much more sophisticated yet daring and exciting. Simple geometric motifs like triangles and zigzags have a similarly striking effect that catches the eye. 

Feeling inspired? Now is a perfect time to give your yard the makeover you’ve always wanted! Not only will it provide you with a beautiful space to relax, but it will also give your property value a nice boost. Visit Living Color to see all the beautiful plants and materials you can incorporate into your design—our landscaping services are happy to help with planting if you’re in need of some assistance! 

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