2019 Gift Guide For Gardeners: Our Top Picks


Finding the perfect gift for each person on your list can sometimes be a bit mind-boggling, but if you have any gardeners in your life, this guide to gifts from Living Color will make it easy-peasy! We have a variety of unique pieces that just arrived in time for the holidays, whether you need something small and sweet for your office’s Secret Santa gift exchange, or something more substantial for a beloved family member. If you’re still searching for some creative Christmas present ideas for 2019, our gifts for Fort Lauderdale gardeners should provide plenty of inspiration for your Christmas gift list this year. 

Living Color Gardeners’ Gift Guide

These are our top picks for the best gifts for gardeners this holiday season. That being said, many of them would likely go over well with many of the non-gardeners in your life, too! Looking after plants is such a fun and rewarding pastime, so if you’ve got any friends who haven’t gotten into gardening yet, you can set them up with the supplies they need to kick off a fun new hobby. Here are some awesome gift ideas that are sure to go over well for both expert and beginner gardeners.


There’s something special about houseplants — you care for them and start to slowly grow attached as though they were a pet, but with far less upkeep and commitment than a puppy. They bring vibrancy and a fresh pop of color to the living space. Plus, many have added bonuses like natural air filtration abilities. For something smaller, you can pick up a cute African violet for your loved one to keep on a work desk or coffee table. If you want to go larger, a bushy fern in a hanging basket can really spruce up someone’s living space. For a beginner gardener, print out a sheet of plant care instructions and fold it into their Christmas card — they will appreciate the help!

Succulent Planters 

Succulents have really surged in popularity lately. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re versatile and low-maintenance. They don’t need as much water as your typical houseplant, and they can be arranged in so many creative ways. If you’re into DIY projects and enjoy customizing your own plant arrangements, you could go the extra mile and pick up a variety of different succulents to piece together in a cool container. Succulents don’t require a traditional soil medium like other plants, so you can nestle them into peat moss and affix them to a variety of different objects like driftwood, vintage birdcages, photo frames, or whatever else you can think of. Search for DIY inspiration posts online, or use your imagination to think of something unique and sentimental. 



Any gardener knows how tricky it can be to find that delicate balance between overwatering and underwatering. That’s why we love AquaPots! They’re essentially a self-watering pot with a moisture reservoir that evenly distributes water to your plant, without any unsightly irrigation tubing. Plus, they’re constructed from really pretty ceramics, so they still have all the style of a designer container, but with the added function and convenience of a state-of-the-art irrigation system. 


Garden Art

Outdoor entertaining is pretty commonplace in Fort Lauderdale since our climate is consistently warm and full of plenty of sunshine. We often spend a lot of time decorating our home’s interior, but we may as well make the most of our outdoor entertaining areas and decorate them like we do our indoor living spaces. Buying some weatherproof art will be a welcome addition to someone’s backyard decor, and our garden center has a diverse variety of canvas art, glass, and stoneware that will suit a range of styles. From ornate statuettes to rustic wooden windchimes and opulent glass jellyfish ornaments, you’re bound to find something fun that the gardeners in your life will appreciate.  

Garden Tool Kit

Every gardener needs a quality set of tools! Beginners might love a bundle of basics, like a trowel and a pair of secateurs, while more experienced green thumbs might love a multi-purpose garden tool, like a quality garden knife. Tools aren’t just about function though — if you’ve got a gardener in your life with a fun fashion sense, there are plenty of cute gardening gloves available in printed motifs. The floral prints are our favorite, which should come as no surprise!   

Herb Gardening Supplies

If there are any beginner gardeners you need to shop for (or any pals who you want to get into the gardening scene), herb gardening supplies make a spectacular present. Not only are herbs easy to tend to, but they are endlessly useful — especially for the foodies in your life who love to cook. Nothing beats freshly grown herbs, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. Take it from the experts — an herb garden is truly the gift that keeps on giving!


Water Features & Fountains

Water features are the crowning glory of a Fort Lauderdale garden. If your green-thumbed giftee already has all the flowers and foliage they could ever desire, why not help them add the serenity of moving water to their garden? Water features are available in any size, from tabletop accents to large, elaborate fountains for those who really want to make a “splash”!

There’s such a fantastic assortment of holiday presents that just arrived at Living Color, so if you’re still feeling unsure of what to buy for your friends and family, don’t hesitate to visit the greenhouse and ask one of us for help. Come in and talk to one of our experts, and we’ll be happy to help you find something for everyone on your list. 

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